Enthusiasm and the Gorgeous Bert Kreischer

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Video of Bert Kreischer bringing much-needed fun to random couples in his new show “Trip Flip.”  http://www.travelchannel.com/video/ocean-adventures-in-the-keys 

I was listening to a radio interview this morning over morning coffee.   The interviewee was a man I’d never heard of.  A host on The Travel Channel named Bert Kreischer.  I instantly fell in love.  What turned me on?  His enthusiasm and zest for life.  How unbelievably grateful he was for all he had and what he attributed his success to.  Here it is:

“I don’t say no a lot.  If it sounds like a good time I’ll do it.”  Bert Kreischer

If you heard his initial background you would be like…oh…that so fits.   Bert Kreischers’ claim to fame in college was being featured as Rolling Stones’ “top partier” in the US from Florida State University.  It took him some time to earn this title too.  He didn’t earn it until his 6th YEAR of college.  In the interview he said that all he did was party.  There is even a YouTube of him getting his butt waxed.  His parents, understandably concerned.

What do I think he owes his success to?  His utter zest for life and eagerness to be playful and fun.  I’m sure he oodles charisma.  If I can fall in love with him on the radio in a couple short minutes?  I’m sure in person he is someone who you just want to be around.  He met Will Smith this way!  Think about those people you just love being around.  They have an infectious energy.  And to top it all off?  He has a lovely self-effacing humor.  That’s when you can make fun of yourself in the most charming way.  Bert talked about how his Dad would lecture him about how to be successful and a few years later he is riding around Italy in a Ferrari!  He gets the irony and he knows that the main reason why he is successful is LUCK.

And that sparkling fun enthusiastic about life personality.  Which led him to hosting Travel programs that send him all over the world…to have fun.

Man…I’m jealous!  I want us to have this kind of fun!  Is is possible?  Hell yeah!  I think my life is pretty damn fun.  I love helping people with Bitch Lifestyle.  In the next few days I have an improv show…one of my absolute passions.  I have lots of plans with friends and a fun trip planned to NYC.  So how fun do you think you are?  Do you own your sense of fun whatever that is?  It may not be on the scale of Berts’, but whatever it is that makes you ooze with fun, playful enthusiasm is worth putting at the top of the list!  What will happen if you, like Bert say “YES!” to anything that sounds like a good time? Hmmmmm…open yourself to the YES!

Love, Goddess

Steps to take that will help you ooze with fun and enthusiasm!

  1. Reading my book on Amazon:  Bitch Lifestyle the Manual
  2. Joining our Bitch Rebellion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bitch-Lifestyle/205875411841
  3. Private Courses with me!  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2012/07/your-re-awakening/

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Sign You’re a Sassy Bitch Rule 5

tumblr kuugarF93v1qa3p52o1 400 Signs Youre A Sassy Bitch

Full list of Sassy Bitch Rules:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/05/signs-youre-a-sassy-bitch/


Sign you’re a Sassy Bitch #5:   You listen to a man’s words with healthy skepticism.  Actions turn you on.

Men will say just about anything to get what they want from you.  They always want something.  And that, Sassy Bitch…plays right into our hot little hands.  Except we do it backwards.  We let them have what they want…sex or whatever and then wonder why they don’t call, text or set up dates.  They’ve gotten what they want and they have moved on.  When you MAKE a man produce FIRST by backing up his words with action, he has to work harder to get what he wants.  If what he wants is us, we get the pleasure of sitting back and letting him produce.   He has to work harder to get what he wants, which feeds his ego.  By taking his words with a grain of salt, we get spared the pain.  Trusting his action backed words makes us feel safe and treasured.  Again, when we are happy and he is able to contribute to our happiness, his ego is fed.

Ladies…do you think men are “hairy women?”  Do you think they think the same as you and your girlfriends?  Well, they don’t.  At all.  So in honor of Sassy Bitch Rule #5,  let’s review some of the ways we need to understand men better.

  1. Men seem to be attracted to the things that are hardest to get:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/06/what-you-can-learn-from-men-magazines/
  2. Men seem to like the chase:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/06/let-a-man-chase-you-heres-how/
  3. A lot of women don’t seem to understand the primal essence of a man:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2010/07/giving-you-a-hot-sexy-shot-of-testosterone/
  4. Women who are loving and generous may be vulnerable to creeps that will take advantage of them: http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/04/if-a-man-wants-to-borrow-money/  Unfortunately if you give an inch with a man he will take a mile.  Don’t let him walk all over you, honey!

I’m going to give you one more article.  It’s an article about Oxytocin.  Oxytocin, sometimes called “the bonding hormone,”  is a hormone both sexes produce in the body during sex.  A woman also releases this hormone during childbirth.   It’s important to understand a bit more about this hormone and how it may make us feel after we have sex with a man:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/04/the-cuddle-hormone-2/

One final piece of evidence.  You know when you hear men talking about what “dogs” they are?  They are being truthful.  I was chatting with a man on Twitter and he insisted all men are dogs.  No matter what.  I wrote back:  There are good dogs and bad dogs.  The good dogs back their words up with action.  He replied back:

“This is true.”

So there you have it – right from the Dobermans’ mouth.  So do the Bitch University reading assignments above.  And study the Sassy Bitch rules thoroughly.  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

How high are you on the “Sassy” scale?  Here is the complete list of traits from “Signs You’re a Sassy Bitch:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/05/signs-youre-a-sassy-bitch/

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Focus Image from the web site Life Hack:  http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/how-to-practise-the-art-of-detached-focus-to-achieve-your-goals.html

Focus Bitch.

This is for the beauties who read this web site and are worried about a guy they like or are dating.  It’s for the beauties that are rockin’ their guys and need a gentle reminder.  We all do sometimes.  We’re emotional creatures and sometimes our emotions, our Drama Queens crave attention.  Sometimes we misplace that attention.  We put pressure on our guys to give us that attention when we could just as easily put it on ourselves and allow him to give freely.  The key is the word “pressure.”  Maybe it’s the oxytocin:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/04/the-cuddle-hormone-2/ maybe we haven’t quite grown into our Sassy Bitch and our confidence isn’t there.  Maybe we don’t get the fact that we are truly beautiful.  Then our Drama Queens take over and “attach” ourselves to a guy because we want attention from him.  HIM.  We like him so much!!!!  We must have him!!!!  When you find yourself saying, writing, worrying about how to get him to chase you, love you, want you, it’s time to make a choice.  Worry?  Or…


Focus on what you can control.  Cuz’ it’s not him.  What you can focus on is YOU and your choices.

You can choose to worry about why he hasn’t answered a text and send another one.  Then you can worry about why he hasn’t answered the original text and the 2nd text.  Then you can get a bit pissed off and send a 3rd text.  Now you can worry and fret about why he hasn’t answered 3 texts you’ve sent him.  And send another…and another.


You can focus on what truly matters to your growth as a person, those you care about and your career and life goals.  Or you can whine about the fact that the choice I just gave you doesn’t “get him to chase you.”  That is so very cute of your Drama Queen, isn’t it?  That’s not why your reading this.  You’re reading this so you can claim your Sassy Bitch.  So give your Drama Queen the attention she wants by focusing attention on you:

  1. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in life.  The fun, the crazy the ones that will fulfill you.
  2. Volunteer.  If your Drama Queen really needs a kick in the butt?  Volunteer at a hospital.  A hospital is full of sick and dying people.  That should put worrying about a text in perspective.
  3. For Valentines Day-what I like to call the “Day of Love” make a list of those that truly love you.  Your Dad, Brother, Mom, Sister, Nieces, Nephews, your BFF.  Make heart felt Valentines for them.
  4. Keep your calendar full. Your goal being a calendar full of things that light you up and make you feel good.
  5. Appreciating your beauty every day.  Be grateful for your gorgeous skin, curvy thighs, beaming smile, sparkling eyes.  Blow yourself a kiss when you walk by a mirror.
  6. Get spiritual.  Meditate, relax, go for a long walk, kick-box.
  7. Eat yummy healthy foods.
  8. Giving out love sends it back to you.  Greet those you love with a warm hug always.  When you depart, give them a warm hug again.
  9. When you start worrying, start listing all the things you’re grateful for.  Use this as a tool when you start worrying again.

Oh…and one more thing.  You know those guys you don’t like that constantly text you, ask you out and are chasing you that you don’t want to date ?  Don’t be “that guy” to your guy.  Here’s an article just for you:  Why Men You Don’t Like Chase You:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/04/why-men-you-dont-like-chase-you/

Another thing to be aware of:  How to Get a Girl to Chase You  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/10/how-to-get-a-girl-to-chase-you/

Here is one last tid bit to get you re-focused on YOU and not worried about a guy who is not chasing you.  If he isn’t asking you out, calling you and trying to make hot little you smile?  I’m a little worried about his taste.  (Sassy smile)  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

Annoying Thing Men Do Until You Realize Why They Do It

Careful of the Pussy’s hiss!  From the fab blog:  Iva Messy   http://www.ivamessy.com/2009/07/men-and-women-annoying-habits.html

There’s something that men do that can be SO annoying to us women.  It’s when we, as women, are talking about one of our dearest passions, and a man starts giving us crap and poking fun at us about it.  So what’s that all about, Bitch?


They like you.  They want attention from you.  Unfortunately, they’re going about it the wrong way.  A lot of us women don’t really dig that.   It can get our panties in a bunch.  Here we are, all excited about our passion, and he’s dissing us, teasing us and we just want to smack him.   So what do we do about this, Sassy Bitches?

Play our cute, curvaceous butts off about it!  We take our studies from “You’ve Been Sassed,” http://bitchlifestyle.com/2012/01/youve-been-sassed/  and Bitch it up.     We not only call them on their crap and use their own words to do it, we do it all sassy and playful.  Why?  Because you know you can play his own “game” (more on that in a bit) *** and relish the fun challenge he’s presenting you with.  Because remember, men love a challenge.  Can he handle the challenge of hot little you?  (God…he hopes so!)  An example from my life today:

My friend J calls me.  We have things to discuss regarding a project we’re working on together.  All goes well and we end the phone conversation.  We hang up.  He IMMEDIATELY calls again.  I pick up.  Here is part of our conversation:

J:  Sharon, I was just calling you to tell you “Go Giants!”

Me:  Now you know the only reason you’re telling me that is to push my buttons.  Football is one of my passions.  (He had started the day before on me.  This time using the Ravens.  And I knew he was calling me back to give me crap about my deep passion for Patriots football)

J:  Don’t be so sensitive, Sharon.  It’s just an opinion I have.  Football isn’t a really important thing.

Me:  Oh no.  (really playfully)  Like for me I don’t understand why people meditate.  I think it’s for people with way too much time on their hands.  Just my opinion.

J got irritated.  Score a big one for the Sassy Bitch.  A few more words and then the conversation changed.  Why?  J is really into meditation.  I like it too.  The point is, HE has this passion for meditation and I used that to call him on his crap.  Used his own words against him.  So playfully fun, too.  Bitch won because he DROPPED it.

So why wasn’t I mad?  No reason to be.  This is how guys talk to each other.  You ever notice how much crap they give each other?  They respect the person who gives it back to them and don’t lie down and take it!   So it actually is a playful game *** they are “playing” with you and you are just  “playing” back.  You just can’t let it piss you off (kick box it out!)  and play back.  That is the sort of play they understand.  Got it?

Now get in there and play back with those scoundrels who are just craving your attention.  Sassy wink!   Love, Goddess

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