Find a New Note

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Find a new note.

We go to work, work out, eat, do chores, check our phones 100 times a day for messages, think about all the things we need to do or didn’t have time to do, then go to bed.  If we have time we meet a few friends for a drink, a laugh or conversation.  We may get excited about a new movie that turns out to be only so so.  We fall asleep to the TV.  To the endless drone of mediocre entertainment.  Just writing this makes me want to break out of this day to day box.  Give me a jackhammer, please!

That’s life.

Or is it?

Yes.  We have responsibilities.  Blah blah, get it. 😉  What gives our lives passion, excitement and pleasure is not just reaching personal goals and aspirations, it’s embracing adventure and the new along the way.  Picture it this way.  You are a Gorgeous Conductor.  Your orchestra is waiting permission from you to play its first note.  It can start off soft or with the crash of a cymbal.  Your choice.  You can look at the oboe and have it play the same note for days.  It’s the next note we’re waiting for.  The change.  That’s what makes it music.

It’s so easy to get stuck listening to One Note Oboe.  One Note Oboe is very good at finding excuses not to change it’s note.  Busy, work schedule, etc.  It’s all one thing.  Fear.  Remember, fear is a future emotion:  Two weeks ago I told the oboe to take a break while the rest of the orchestra took over.  I went on vacation.  I wasn’t sad to get back because I have wonderful things going on in life!  A long time desire is coming true next week.  I’m terrified but embracing it.  It can be exhilarating and terrifying to get what you want.   Because you can lose it.  That’s why One Note Oboe can be so comforting.  Then I’m off to NYC, then to Miami. 

This takes some time…creating the change.  And a lot of people may not get you!  A couple days ago, just for fun, I bought something called “Chocolate Bacon” from the famous “Vosges” chocolate maker:  Everyone went “ewww.”  Did you?  Or did you see it as an interesting thing to try?  Something new to play with.  A new experience.  It’s something to live for!  There are tiny things you can do and try each and every day.  Every day is another day to create a passionate life.  Stop, slow down and listen for the change.  Embrace it.  Love, Goddess

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