Getting Rid of a Guy Who is a Jerk!

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Two wild and obnoxious guys. Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd from Saturday Night Live. From the awesome blog Fair and Unbalanced

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from women that are putting up with Prime A Jerks.  Guys that won’t leave them alone.  No one dangerous, mind you.  We’re talking ego maniacs who want to get them in the sack.  And that’s about it.  Want some fun ways to get these guys to run away and leave you alone?  Any one of these things would work:

Obnoxious Guy Example A:  He starts getting overtly sexual.  He makes every little thing said or done about sex.  It’s really obnoxious.  I had a guy do this to my recently.  I was firm and polite but he kept at it.  So the next time he mentioned something sexual with me I cooed:  “Oh….all this talk about sex with you makes me think about what our babies would look like!  Would they have your hair?  Your smile?  What do you think our baby would look like?”  He cleared the room so fast it was hysterical!  I could not stop from laughing.  Other tactics:

  • Whining:  Whhhhy don’t you do (insert obnoxious request here) for Meeeeeeee?
  • When he brings up sex, bring up marriage.
  • Start talking about how the moon is in retro grade, your venus is rising or something along those lines.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  Which is precisely the point.  Make no sense in a dramatic fashion.  KEEP talking about nonsense.  He will think there is a little something wrong with you.   Hopefully this make him lose his **** on and RUN.

Mean and Manipulative Guy Example B:  A guy who is nice to you and then not nice to you.  Recently I had a coaching client tell me that a guy she was interested in tell her, after being really nice to her all night that she was just a “4” in his book.  Rude.  If a guy is this rude?  Unacceptable.   IGNORE.  Don’t answer phone calls, texts, de-friend, whatever.  He is toying with you in a really mean way.  He must be jettisoned from your life.  Did I mention now?  As in right now!

Curveball Guy:  Nice Guy Who is Not Ready to Date Example C:   The guy who really wants to date you and is really sweet to you.  He is in no way treating you with disrespect.   You’ve told him “no” in a bottom line kind of way.  Maybe he isn’t ready to date but thinks he is.  Maybe he is trying too hard.  It is important to treat him like you would want to be treated if the situation was reversed.  Here is an example: Dealing With a Man Not Ready to Date

Bottom line:  If a guy is trying to please you and trying to treat you with respect give that back to him.  In the case of Curveball Guy (From the above artice Dealing with a Man Not Ready to Date) he said he apologized and wanted to make it up to me, which is nice of him.  However, he was not ready to date so I ended it.  With respect.  Guys that are being obnoxious do not deserve the time of day from you.  Period.  So stop engaging them.  When you stop engaging the obnoxious guys, it will give you the time to notice the nice guy in the corner a few feet away.  A guy who would never rate you on your looks or make everything about sex so he can have his way with you and move on to the next conquest.  The truly nice men need a little nudge from you.  So throw the nice man in the corner a big warm smile.  This provides the opening he needs to make him want to come to you.  Love, Goddess

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