Unleash Your Inner Pin Up Girl!

pin up girl, love, adventure
Classic Pin Up from: A Casa de Pandora

A few months ago I did a pin-up girl photo shoot.  If you have the opportunity to do one in your area-it’s a must do!  A friend of mine asked me to join her and it was so much fun dressing up and posing pin-up style.  It’s a chance for you to go all out glamour and have a record of it!  How often do you get to:

  1. Have your hair and make up done to perfection?
  2. Play dress up for real?  With props, scenarios and poses that your inner Bitch AND Drama Queen would adore?
  3. Enjoy the music being played and the opportunity to let your inner Diva adore the attention and fussing over?

Why is this such a good idea for you?  You get the chance to revel, play and adore every inch of being glorious feminine you:

  1. No jeans, sweats or tee shirts.  These are fantastic for every day.  We need to create “special” once in a while.  Your inner Cleopatra CRAVES this.
  2. You get pampered and fussed over.  Women LOVE that.
  3. You get to live in a fantasy.  What girl doesn’t LOVE that?
  4. Curves are celebrated.  Every luscious one.
  5. You get the moment where, after being pampered, made up, adored and you look in the mirror and SEE how beautiful you are.

Why are we sometimes so surprised to see how beautiful we are?

Yes, part of that may be due to the gorgeous fun clothes and make-up and hair.  Part.  The yummy part is you’ve been enjoying the process and the beauty.  You’ve been slowing down to savor it.  There will be a satisfied glow.  A glow that springs alive when we relish ourselves.  I also think modern-day life has us so busy running around that this fantasy come to life for us gives back so much.  Savoring being female.  We leave so little time for it.  We must start embracing her again.  Finding our glow.  Tossing the sweat pants for a few minutes a week to savor our gorgeous bodies in something that makes us feel beautiful.  Sexy. Sensual.  Not for a guy.  For us.  Guy has to earn the inner pin-up girl in each of us.

So this weekend…get in touch with your inner pin-up girl.  That glamour puss who savors her power.  Savors her beauty.  And saves the moment in time in glorious color!  Can’t afford the full on pin-up session?  Bitch it up and plan a full on party with your girl friends with a late summer theme.  Barbeque poses-oh that wind just blew up my skirt!  Or fun with a beach ball or pic nic, travel poses with a car or boudoir poses.  Have fun…(insert sassy pin-up girl smile here)  Love, Goddess

More inspiration for your pin up girl:

When you are out and about poses:

pin up girl, love, adventure
From the Invisible Agent


pin up girl, love, adventure
Make-up & hair from: The Asian Place 

pin up girl, love, adventure
The classic leg lift pose from: Claudiaciuta

This post is dedicated to my friend Tammi who came up with this really fun idea.  xoxo

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