Before Sunrise

Movie recommendation:  Before Sunrise.  It’s simple, romantic and old-fashioned fun.  A young man and a young woman meet on a train in Europe.  They spend one romantic evening together in Vienna.  An evening that they both think, deep down will be there only one.  The refreshing thing about Before Sunrise?  They seduce each other with words.  Not sexually charged words.  (Although the subtext is there!) but through intelligent conversation.  Sharing their opinions in a fun and playful way.  Oh…and watch how Jesse loves being called on his crap by Celine.  He loves it because of the playful way she does it.

Mmmm…intelligent conversation…one of the biggest turn ons of all time.  Before Sunrise insures wonderful entertainment.  Enjoy!  Love, Goddess

Where to get it and more:

  1. Watch instantly on Amazon:  Before Sunrise
  2. What happens after Before Sunrise?  Before Sunset
  3. Two screenplays:  Before Sunrise and Before Sunset: Two Screenplays

***Video Clip of “Before Sunrise” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy from YouTube

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