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I found this quote on Pics And  Check them out =FAB!

How are you doing in the confident and sassy department girls?  You on a roll or asleep? Somewhere in between?  Not sure? Take this quick and fun quiz to find out: Sassy Self Self-Esteem Quiz  Then assess.  We’ve discussed quite a few Sass Zappers on this site.  Because there are so many… it’s important to occasionally take stock and make sure Sass Zappers aren’t keeping us down or sneaking up on us.  I’ve discovered a few more to add to our Sass Zappers list.  Anything there turning your sassy into a snit?  A Drama Queen crying fit?  Sass Success Zappers with some accompanying inspiration:

  1. Stop not taking action. Inspiration:  There are so many things to distract you.  So many opportunities to explore, relish and develop!  Choose the most important opportunities/desires at this very moment and then rock them. Once these very important opportunities are completed you can move on to the next one.
  2. Stop thinking you aren’t ready.  Inspiration:  You are!  Break your opportunity/desire down into manageable tasks and do one a day.
  3. Stop competing against everyone.  Inspiration:  Unfortunately the people who really need to read this (the competitors) won’t be reading this OR don’t believe they are competing with other women.  Dramatic sigh. Oh well. Us Sassy Bitches know what to do.  Be polite in their presence and if possible, avoid like the plague!
  4. Complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.  Inspiration:  Start taking action!
  5. Doing the same thing over and over again.  Like:  not taking action, complaining about it, choosing friends and lovers unwisely and not learning from the experience.  Inspiration:  Try oh try to have a little laugh at how cute you are, how human you are and then do something good for yourself.

Do any of these ring a bell?  You’ve taken the quiz and still don’t know what to do?  Here are some ideas:

  1. If you are in your Drama Queen dance out all that emotion you’ve got going on.
  2. If you are in your Brat get appreciative.  Right now.  Write down everything you are grateful for.  Even if you think what I am asking you to do is “stupid.”  (sassy wink)
  3. If you are in your Bitch, congratulations…carry on hottie.
  4. If you are unsure what to do, relax.  At some point in the next few days pamper yourself to the highest degree possible.  Don’t “just” take a bath.  Up the ante in every possible way for you.  Candles, sexy music, chocolate, champagne, the most indulgent bath products you have on hand or splurge on a new one!  Breathe deeply and be grateful for all you have.

If all else fails, remember….It’s exhausting being fabulous!  Love, Goddess


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Sass Zappers Part 3

Elizabeth Taylor image and quote from the website RUGU

Yeah…it’s been weeks.  Time for more Sass Zappers.  At anytime, anywhere these sass zappers will throw your Bitch for a loop and leave you in a Drama Queen Sniveling Snit.  These are real sneaky ones too.  If you don’t start slaying them NOW…you will live with them for the rest of your life.  Just how the Drama Queen loves it.

  1. Stop running from your problems.  This make you live on the defensive all the time.  It will make you start muttering those oh so Drama Queen phrases like “I hate myself.”  SO not Sassy.  By taking a breath and taking action instead you will feed your confidence and slay your fear.  For more:  Outsmart Back Stabbers! 
  2. Stop being anyone besides you.  You want people to love you for who you are.  The good=Easy.  Quirks=Absolutely.  Society keeps us all conforming perfectly.  (Yawn) This weekend wash off the conformity and rediscover you.  For more:  Miss Perfect
  3. Acting like everything is just wonderful and peachy when it is not.  I’m not talking about running around with a box of tissues and bawling out in public.  Talk to those who love you.  Let them be there for you.  When you let others be strong for you, you release stress so you can deal with everyday life!  We are humans and have emotions.  We must honor them, listen and learn from them.  We are not Stepford Wives.  We are vibrant, emotional gorgeous beings.  We must embrace that so we can embrace ourselves.
  4. Stop holding on to the past.  Let go.  Let it go!  Discover what you don’t like and then take action so you can avoid the experience the next time.  Say NO.  The people who have hurt you in the past are gone.  Let them stay gone.
  5. Stop competing against everyone.  Ah competition.  Don’t cha have enough going on?  My improv group is doing very well and the stares and nose snubs are happening.  All I can think is…so sad.  Improv is all about working together and not competing.  There are so many in the improv comedy field that do not get this.  I get sad for them for a moment and then work on my own stuff.  I don’t need the negative competitive environment.  In other words, I let it go.  Sassy wink.

Yeah…these are all so much fun, huh?  So, review the following courses about Sass Zappers, give them a sassy kiss good-bye and start playing!  Find an adventure and relish it!  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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Sass Zappers Part 2

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Yeah…there are more.  More sass zappers that leave you feeling drained, pissy and wanting nothing but a means to medicate the feeling out!  Here are a few more to be wary of and actions to get you OUT of the Sass Zapping Drama Queen Zone!

1.  Spending time with the wrong people.  The Faux Girlfriend, the guy who doesn’t want a relationship with you, the relatives that know how to push your buttons. They make you start screaming “I am so unhappy!” Deeply within you. The thought of spending time with them can leave you in a deep depression.  Action:  Kick boxing yourself into a relaxed state so you can take back control.  Then you can use the ultimate taking control tool.  Being polite and then knowing how to dismiss yourself from their presence.

2.  Being everything to everyone.  I SO had to get over this one.  When you are trying to be everything to everyone you are not taking care of yourself.  This is insecurity and lack of trust.  You are trying way too hard to keep things together and not trusting the process.  Controlling it.  The fear is if you control everything and everyone they won’t leave you.  Action:  Take care of yourself first and you will be stronger, healthier and more relaxed.  It is one of the hardest things a woman will ever do because it’s in our DNA to help everyone.

3.  Explaining yourself.  Your enemies won’t care and know that you are being insecure.  Your friends already get that about you and accept it because they love you.  Action:  Stop it.  Trust that you made the right decision for you.

4.  Being afraid of making mistakes.  Yeah…big old fear.  Happens to everyone.  Action:  Stop fearing mistakes.  The problem comes when you keep making the same mistakes and don’t learn from them!

5.  Overlooking the beauty in small moments.  One of the very first things I tell my clients is to make their “Sassy Bitch List.”  This list is a living document that they will add and subtract from as the years go by.  Whatever my clients want from the small to the ridiculous!  This requires slowing down and really focusing on what they want, need and desire.  Noticing what lights them up around them.  Savoring!  Action:  Make your list.  Plan for fun.  Plan for challenges.  Plan for doing absolutely nothing!  No guilt.  Love, Goddess

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Self Esteem Sass Zappers 101

Anne Taintor image from Shop at Art Works×500.jpg


Self esteem and keeping it high! Today at Bitch University we discuss serious Sass Zappers.  Sass Zappers 101 features my top five worst.  (With a fun bonus from Mr. Einstein above)  I used to do these and now?  No freakin’ way.  I will not be sucked into the Sass Zapper muck.  I vow to keep my self esteem hight!  The muck threatens and test us almost daily.  Oh yes it does.  When we are tired, cranky or just haven’t gotten the attention we must have the muck can have its way with us.  I can’t help it…the muck stops here!  😉  Let’s go over my top 5 Sass Zappers and the action a Sassy Bitch can take to stay out of the dirty, low self esteem slimy muck.

1.  Putting your own needs on the back burner.  And with each new task you take on without taking care of yourself, you push your needs further and further away.  And you wonder why you get so pissy sometimes?  Take care of you and things you want will be produced quicker and easier.  You will have the energy, drive and restored passion to do so!  Action:  Long bath, early to bed with a pile of magazines, a weekend away, a massage, an afternoon with your favorite movie and lots of buttery popcorn.

2.  Holding grudges.   Oh … here we go.  How much time have we wasted being pissed about something or someone we have absolutely no control over?  It hurt so much that we just can’t let it go.  So what do we do?  We hold on to it so we can be hurt more, complain about it more and sniff…suffer more.  Drama Queen loves to suffer.  Action:  Have a little “letting go” ritual.  Take a whole day if you have to.  Take a piece of paper and write down the grudge you are holding on to.  Go for a long walk.  Work out the edginess, anger and hurt.  Then rip up the piece of paper and burn it up in an ash tray or flush it down the toilet.  Take a deep breath and then do something that makes you feel really good.   Then hold on to that feeling instead of the hurt and pain.

3.  Buying happiness.  We live in I want it and need it now world.  Instant gratification.  Instant debt.  Action:  Taking care of your future.  Appreciating what you have!  I can’t tell you how much crap I have gotten over the years because I haven’t bought the newest gadget, phone, car, outfit etc.  I am much more grateful for time with my family, unexpected pleasures and spending time playing with my amazing friends.  Action:  The next time you must have something ask yourself if you really need it.  I know shiny iPhones and new cars are fab, but will you go into debt to get them?  Debt is no fun and limits what you can do.  Focus on all you have and enjoy THAT.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted something and I’ve gotten it for free instead of buying it.  Food, Kindles and even cars.  Yeah.  I want this for you too. 

4.  Being jealous.  Being jealous is simply wanting what someone else has.  Action:  Stop being jealous and take action on achieving your goals for life, love and career.  Say to yourself…wow.  I love how my friend Shelly is always doing something fun!  I’m going to ask her if I can come on her outings and also start looking for my own fun adventures to try.

5.  Blaming everyone for your troubles.  This is so annoying.  It is rare to see someone take responsibility today.  They make the decision, something goes wrong and then they blame someone else for the error.  This is being a coward.  A child.  Adults learn how to take the heat and learn from their mistakes.  Shit happens and adults understand that things so wrong.  By taking responsibility you empower yourself and those who depend on you.   Action:  Take responsibility for your own life.  If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and then fix it.  It will do so much for others’ respect for you and your ability to cope with issues!  It will put their trust in you and your word.  Trust is everything.

All these Sass Zappers keep you from the fun.  The possibilities that every day holds.  What sounds more fun, planning your next adventure or holding a grudge?  😉  Love, Goddess

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