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I love this one!  Yeah…let him rise to the occasion in every way possible!

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A Sassy Bitch started the “fun” way before the first date…

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Anne Taintor pic from Tammy Martin Landscape Design


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And that concludes our mid-week kick of sass.  You’re assignment today at Bitch University is to do something good for you.  To get your inner Sassy glowing!  Love, Goddess

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Time Management Tips Have Fun This Season!

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To make the most out of our “12 Days of Sassy Christmas,” I thought I would look up some time management savers.  Because, like…I was having trouble finding time.  😉  So here are some time management tips and things to stress less over.  And as a bonus a few fun and sassy things to do…to insert in all the time you’ve saved!

  1. Schedule a day for YOU next year.  Give it a sassy name if you wish.  This is a day to nurture yourself and do only that which rocks your world.
  2. Instead of doing all the wrapping at once, wrap whatever you have purchased as you get it.  I got this idea from one of my coaching clients, Sandy.  I hate wrapping and I seem to hate it less now.
  3. Avoid the shopping marathon.  Use the internet and make short shopping trips.  Aim to get 1, 2 or tops three gifts done per day.
  4. CHEAT!  Don’t have the time to make homemade brownies?  Don’t feel guilty.  Use a package mix and then add your personal touch.  Like a drizzle of chocolate, yummy nuts, etc.  Think to yourself…hmmm…what would make these even tastier?  Enjoy and play with the thought. Find a way to make time management fun.
  5. If you’re entertaining, make one really yummy celebration drink.  Like a champagne with a splash of peach or pomegranate juice.
  6. Don’t feel guilty if you have to change your 45 minute work out to a 15 minute work out.  Catch up in the New Year.  Use the extra half hour to catch up with family and friends you love!
  7. Wisp away grays with mascara.
  8. You know all those Holiday Annoyances?  Standing in line, rude people, etc?  Create a hot little mantra to zone out to and lower the noise.  Something like:  I am ******* fabulous.  Say it over and over softly in your mind.  Breathe it in and let it wash over you.
  9. I’m really not an E card person.  However, I no longer send out a bazillion cards to everyone I know.  Weed out the people who don’t send you cards.  Don’t drive yourself nuts remembering people who don’t take the time to remember YOU.  Don’t take it personally.  People are busy.  😉
  10. Don’t say “yes!” to every social engagement.
  11. Instead of worrying about keeping the whole house clean, spend 15 min. a day cleaning just one room.  If you have a family, assign a person to each room.
  12. Tell Santa you’ve only been “slightly naughty” this year.
  13. Hand out mistletoe wherever you go.  Especially to the hot men you meet!
  14. Before shopping, put on an outfit you feel absolutely divine in.  Do your hair and make-up.  Glam yourself up with sparkle and a spritz of your favorite perfume.  (If you see Santa…now would be a good time to tell him you’ve only been slightly naughty)

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Love, Goddess

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