Key to How Sassy You Are

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You’ll be licking your lips when you master this Sassy Key! Lip look found at

Need to know key to how in your Sassy Bitch you are:   How much free stuff are you getting?  If you have to stop and think about the last time you got a deal or something for free?  You need to up your Sass.  You are not living up to your Sassy Bitch potential.  This week has been a slow week for me in the getting free department.  I’m getting ready for a vacation and have extra extra work to do to keep things running while I’m gone.  I’ve been hibernating with my hot, sexy computer so I haven’t been out much.  Still…I’m grateful for all the goodies that have come my way:

  1. Not happy with my cable bill, I called the company and had a ball with the very hot girl I got as a rep.  I wound up paying less than I did for my last yearly contract.  Yes!
  2. Just as I started researching a Kindle, I received a Kindle Keyboard FREE!
  3. I was craving my fave tuna tartare from a nearby restaurant.  I told the man who answered the phone how much I adored their recipe and gushed about how excited I was to have it.  When I got to the restaurant he gave me a big smile and said:  “It’s on me.”   Yes!
  4. Trying to find a car during Spring Break that wasn’t a ridiculous price was starting to irritate me.  So I called a car company, got another hot girl on the line and not only did I get a non-existent discount, I got a free upgrade.  Yes!
  5. I got a guy from my web hosting service laughing so hard that he gave me his personal line.  To call whenever I needed something.  Yes!
  6. I received beautiful jewelry.  From a man I’ve never met.  Whom I’ve only talked to over the phone!

Are these sorts of things happening to you?  I really want them to happen to YOU!  So here are some things I do that help.  Note:  If you are in your Bratty Drama Queen?  You need to take care of her NOW.  Ideas:

  1. Every day I work to become a happier, more loving and more grateful person.
  2. I practice flirting with everything that moves.  It’s infectious fun for those around you.
  3. I treat people the way I want to be treated.
  4. I am grateful every single day for all I have.
  5. I love to give.  To strangers, friends, family. I don’t expect anything back.  I don’t expect anything back because it’s fun to put smiles on peoples’ faces!
  6. I have practiced seeing the good in every road block like no ones’ business.
  7. I keep myself grounded with positive activities and people.  When I meet energy suckers and Debbie Downers, they don’t bother me.  I know what it’s like to be in their shoes.  Not a fun place to be.  I’m polite-never letting them suck them down.

What if you’ve just ended a relationship or are having career struggles?  I have a tool that will help you move on, get focused and back to Sassy:

So get in there, play with your hot self and share with me all the free fun coming your way!  Love, Goddess

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