Savoring an Unexpected Moment

Picture from the web site Water Encyclopedia:

I’m swimming in lush, warm tropical waters.  Completely in the moment.  Relishing the feel of the water caressing my skin, the lapping of the waves, the sun warming my face.  Nothing could be more perfect, right?  I open my eyes and see the most gorgeous man off in the distance.  The definition of hot.  We make eye contact.  I smile then go back to my swimming.  A few minutes later we make eye contact again.  I let him hold my gaze  for a few minutes longer.  He flashes back a huge smile.  He knows he’s hot, yeah.  I’m way hotter…The Sassy Bitch.

He swims toward me and we start flirting.   Swimming around each other in the warm water…the sensuality of the experience drawing us closer together.  Then we are in each others’ arms.  We start to kiss.  I pull away.  I take a moment to enjoy the moment.  His gorgeous green eyes and warm smile.  Among other things.  😉  He asks me out.  I tell him I have plans.  Which is true.  These are unbreakable plans too.  Amazing plans that I’ve been waiting forever to happen!  I  give him a long, sensual kiss and thank him for this incredible moment.  I tell him I’ll never forget it.  I caress his face, turn and leave him and the water.   I let the encounter wash over me as I wade further away.  Never thinking of looking back.  That was an amazing moment.  I wanted so much to have more moments like those!  And the next unexpected moment to savor?  Is going to be even better!

When was the last moment you savored like this?  Was it at a restaurant with a new food?  With your family?  Or a playful moment when you were out with friends?  Savoring the moment, with practice, makes the most incidental encounters a full on body rush.  Find a way to start doing this today…and enjoy what unfolds!  Love, Goddess

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