Self Esteem Quiz How Do You Rate?

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How much can your sassy self esteem handle, Bitch?

Yes,  I know.  It’s exhausting being fabulous.  There are some days where we wish we weren’t so good at handling so much, right? Sometimes our Drama Queens and Brats take over. Making us question our decisions.  Through over thinking, forgetting to take care of ourselves or just plain over work.  Ultimately lowering our self esteem. Humor is an enhancer of self esteem.  I thought it would be fun to make up a little quiz to amuse ourselves with.  We’ve all had these situations happen in our lives.  And I’m pretty sure we have dealt with them with The Bitch, The Drama Queen or Brat in charge!  So which persona is more you at this moment in time?

Q1:  Opportunity is not thrown it is hurled your way.   How do you react?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You freak out.
  2. The Brat:  “Nobody can do this better than me.  I’ll do everything. ”  Then you slowly drive yourself crazy doing way too many things.  Until you…freak out.
  3. The Bitch:  Releases control.  After careful consideration you realize it’s doable when A, B and C occur.

Q2:  A person you have been working with on a charity project wants to do more.  What do you do with this valuable resource?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You feel threatened.
  2. The Brat:  You don’t trust anyone but you to get things done.  So you defiantly charge on.  Until…sniff…you start to feel taken advantage of and the Drama Queen takes over.
  3. The Bitch:  Is grateful.  Because you trust yourself and your choices.  Plus, it may give you time for that manicure you want!

Q3:  When you don’t get all you want done in a day, what best describes you?

  1. The Drama Queen:  You’re all avoidance.  You can’t remember what you actually did.  Except be unhappy about your life all day.
  2. The Brat:  You have way too much to do.  Don’t ask me to take a break.   “Screw breaks!”
  3. The Bitch:  You don’t focus on what you didn’t get done, you celebrate how much you have accomplished each day.

Q4:  You send a text to a guy you’re dating.  It’s been 5 minutes and he hasn’t responded.  Which best describes your reaction?

  1. The Drama Queen:  Has the phone in front of her on her desk.  Staring at it while tapping her foot anxiously.
  2. The Brat:  Just finished sending a second text.   Worded something like:  Where the hell are you and why haven’t you answered my very important text?
  3. The Bitch:  Is focusing on other tasks at hand.

Q5:  Fast forward an hour after you sent the text to the guy.  Which best describes you?

  1. The Drama Queen:  Is having a meltdown on the phone (another phone she has found just in case he texts back) to a friend about the crisis at hand:  his lack of communication and how he doesn’t appreciate her.
  2. The Brat:  Has decided that he is a complete jerk and wants to dump him.
  3. The Bitch:  Has heard back from him.  She has moved on to other things.

Q6:  You’ve been dating a guy for a few weeks.  He asks you for something outrageous.  Like take him to the airport at 11:00pm.  Which is your most likely response?

  1. The Drama Queen:  OKAY!
  2. The Brat:  Screw you.
  3. The Bitch:  I’ll be busy sleeping.  Have a nice trip!

Q7:  LOL…having fun yet?  If you aren’t laughing at this quiz, which reaction best applies to you:

  1. The Drama Queen:   What’s so funny?
  2. The Brat:  This quiz is stupid.  Screw you.
  3. The Bitch:  (laughing — she’s been there)

Still no giggle?  I have an assignment for you.  Get yourself some fun ASAP!  Have a bubble bath and sip champagne.  Get a massage, a pedicure or give yourself a little treat.  Here’s one I have right by my desk for a little pick me up:  Caudalie Devine Oil  Take a walk, have some sex, get a blow out.  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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