Sensuality Week!

sensuality week,
Gorgeous and sensual image from the amazing website The Sensual Art of Love

Over the years I’ve written a lot about sensuality.  Sensuality, to a woman, is not just about sex.  It encompasses so many things.  To kick off Sensuality week, here are some of the most popular articles for you to review.  A little bit of sex and a lot on passion!  Take some time for your sensuality this week.  Explore tastes, touch, slowing down.  Follow the daily tips on our Facebook page and share your fun ideas!  Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook

A.  Slowing Down and Enjoying Passion

  1. The Lost Art of Savoring
  2. The Definition of Passion 
  3. Re-Awaken Passion

B.  Embracing Our Sexual Organs

  1. Celebrate our Sexual Organs
  2. They’re Calling My Feminine Core What?
  3. 50 Shades of Gray

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Loving Your Lady Parts

Picture of the delicate, unique and pinkaliscious orchid from Bees on the Brain

How much do you adore your clitoris?  Your vulva?  Every delicate fold of your beautiful pussy?  Did your jaw drop at my bluntness?  It’s okay.  Women don’t really talk about their pussies.  My question is…why?  It’s not considered “lady like.”  Here we are.  With this amazing thing called a “clitoris” that is designed for one thing.  To rock your body with pleasure and it’s not considered “lady like” to talk about it.  Well…as a lady, I say we get talking.  And loving.  And adoring the fact that we have something that can make us feel SO good.

Two things got me thinking about our gorgeous feminine folds.

  1. Guys are so darned proud of their cocks.  Right?  They even name them.  You know how they like to talk to you through their cocks?  Their cock always has a swagger and a deeper voice then they do.  Usually followed by a HUGE smile from him.  He’s so proud of the way his cock just talked to you.  LOL.
  2. The other day I was with a group of people and someone had written the words “Happy Vagina Day”  on a chalkboard.  One of the girls erased it because she was a little embarrassed and thought it was inappropriate.  Of course me…I’m thinking…”Yes!  What a great idea!  Happy Vagina Day!”

So I thought I’d come up with a Sassy Bitches’ 3 Part “Lady Like” Plan to Loving her Lady Parts.  Here we go:

Step One:  We are going to stop being so “lady like.”  I’m not asking you to go run around the neighborhood showing off your pussy.  I’m just asking you to warm up to it a little.  Adore her a little.  Trim her and pamper her like you would any other part of your body.  As you like.  Maybe give the hair down there a moisture masque.  Trim her into a little heart.  Does your man come up to you and talk to you through his cock?  Well, answer back.  Go up to him and whisper in his ear “My pussy has something she wants to tell you.”

Watch his jaw drop.  Then take a moment and tell him what Pussy would like him to do.  Okay…that is a bit advanced Bitch.

Step Two:  Educate Yourself.  Read up.

  1. Junk? Try Diamonds!
  2. Dell Williams:  A Sexual Pioneer for Women
  3. The “Cuddle Hormone.”
  4. Do a google search on her.  Search for the term “yoni.”

Step Three:  Bitch it up by buying yourself a gorgeous orchid.  Make it a beautiful symbol and reminder to take as careful care of this plant as you do YOU.

Love, Goddess

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Inner Beauty is All

Sassy Anne Taintor pic from the web site Planet Stef:

“Inner Beauty won’t get you laid.”

I saw that quote somewhere and yeah, it’s all in Bitchy fun.  I so disagree.  Inner Beauty is your hot sensual driving force of seduction.  It’s the driving force of your success and happiness in life.  It  is so powerful sometimes the world tries to suppress our power.  Because, like the playful woman in the pic above, you can be as nice as you want or as naughty as you want.  (sassy wink)  So lets discuss just how sexy our inner beauty is:

  1. It’s your luscious brain that decides YOU want to be your best possible YOU. Your inner and outer self.
  2. It’s your luscious brain that trains your voice and how you use it in every possible circumstance:  Career, debate, seduction.
  3. It’s your luscious brain that listens to someones’ words with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Because it’s protecting the heart and soul from distrust by waiting for the action to back up the words.
  4. It’s your luscious brain that encourages curiosity, discovery and adventure to feed the heart and soul.
  5. It’s your heart that skips a beat when you find the perfect pair of shoes that make you feel oh so sexy in.
  6. It’s your heart that warms when your eyes enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  7. It’s your heart that warms when you give to someone and it makes them smile.
  8. It’s your heart that makes you appreciate all that is around you.
  9. It’s your heart that sends out love and playful joy to all those around you-and warms their hearts.
  10. It’s your soul that awakens on that early morning work out session when you feel re=charged.
  11. It’s your soul that doesn’t try to limit your choices.  Because your soul knows that the heart and mind are working for it to create the perfection in every moment.
  12. It’s your soul, upon awakening to another precious day that happily looks forward to all the delicious opportunities and pleasures that await you.
  13. It’s your brain and heart working together to lovingly call someone on their crap.  To save the soul from the spiritually draining feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.
  14. It’s your brain, heart and soul working together on many different levels that make your Sassy Bitch tick and purr and walk around the piles of shit that surround us every day.

Because you are in your Sassy Inner Bitch you don’t see all the piles of shit.  You see the good around you.  You enthusiastically face challenges with determination.  Because you know that your brain, heart and soul are aligned.  You aren’t even aware of how attractive and magnetic this is.  Your inner beauty gives you that confidence, that glow.  And makes you the irresistible, dynamic force that you are!

Further Reading:

  1. Dell Williams:  A Sexual Pioneer for Women:
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  Pink Water Image from Cheeky Angels

I had the most amazingly sensual experience today.  And it had nothing to do with a man.

Not that I don’t like sensual experiences with a man (sly smile).   I had been doing some yard work and it’s scorching hot out.  I went inside to wash my hands.  The cool water felt so good on my hands.  So I splashed a little on my forearms.  Then my face, back of the neck…it was addicting!  I thought to myself “Oooohhh this is so simple but it’s exactly what I need.”  Normally, I may have gone off to tackle another chore.  I almost did.  LOL.  So I slowed way down.  It was heaven.  So make a slice of heaven for yourself during this heat wave.  Here is your Sensuality Assignment today at Bitch University.

The next time you have been outside and are way over heated.  Get yourself to the faucet!

  1. Slowly let the water run over your lower arms.
  2. Splash your face with the cold water.  Let it run down your face and neck.
  3. Run the cool water through your hair slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy it!
  4. Put some water in your hands and let it run on over the back of your neck.  You may want to enjoy that one over and over!
  5. Cup some water in your hands and splash on your ears.  I forgot how hot that area gets on a humid day and it felt like pure heaven!
  6. Let the cool water trickle down your back.  Mmmm…
  7. Repeat…slower than slow.  Close your eyes and enjoy!

Love, Goddess

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