Bitch U Does Valentines Day-Day 3

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Bitch U Does Valentines Day 3.  Today we’re going to focus on stress.

We all have it.  A lovely woman on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page Shannon, shared the stress she was going through and wanted advice.  The best I had is the hardest for a woman to do.  Slow down and take time for herself.  We get consumed with the situation that is causing the stress.  And that winds up stressing us out!  LOL…cute little merry go round we create, hmmmm?  The best way I’ve found, personally, to deal with stressful situations is the following 4 step process:  1. Acknowledge 2. Dissipate 3. Relax 4. Repeat.

1.  Acknowledge to yourself you’re stressed out.  This takes practice.  We train ourselves to persevere.  Under any circumstance.  But if you’re stressed and don’t take a break it may keep getting worse. Click for more

2.  Dissipate the negative energy.  The stress, worry and rage must exit the body somehow.  Get physical.  I do kick boxing.  For you:  Do anything that makes you feel good that requires movement.  Yoga, exercise video, dancing your butt off, a long walk.  Anything!  If things are really bad, try this Dissipation Tactic

3.  Relax.  Take a few minutes after the activity to notice how much better your body feels.  Endorphins do that for you!  Bitch it Up by doing something good for you.  Hot shower, a nap, a pedicure.  Take the time to enjoy feeling good.

4.  Repeat.  And you may have to.  If it’s ongoing stress, or years of not taking care of you, it’s going to take time, beautiful.  But the pay off is worth it.  By taking better care of yourself you will be calmer when stress or Drama hits you.

This process has worked for me because I love to intellectualize.  I love to know the ins, outs and whys of everything.  It’s grounded me when the Drama is flying.  Love control?  Find a way for you that let’s you keep it, like the 4 step process above.

Love, Goddess

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