Empowered Dating: Mommy Or Strong Sexy Bitch?

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Empowered Dating:  Do you want to be your Guys’ Mommy or the Sexy Strong Bitch?  There’s a great card in the stores right now. It features two babies on the front: a baby boy and a baby girl. The baby boy says something like this:

Baby Boy: “My Mommy feeds me, burps me, cleans up after me, changes my clothes and wipes my butt. I love my Mommy.”
Baby Girl: (To herself ) “So that’s how it starts.”


The Should I or Should I not call Scenario. I’m so over it. But this is a game with men. And it’s a game that has been dramatized by our society. And it benefits the men. There’s even a movie about it: “He’s Just Not That Into You.” I won’t replay the whole thing. Everyone knows it. What’s important to know that it’s a game. Created by him to see how much you like him. Do you want to let him keep control of this little game or do you want to take control back? Right now you can establish yourself as:

1. His Mommy: Where you do all the work and he sits back, waiting for you to wipe his butt.
2. His Strong Sexy Bitch: The woman who lets him come to her. The sexy, successful woman who really doesn’t care about his butt (except how it looks in jeans). She’s really not all that impressed with his words. She sees if he’s worthy of her affections through his “actions” toward her.

You deserve a man who will do what he “says” he’s going to do. His words to you are backed up by thoughtful actions. And it’s important to establish this at the onset of any sort of “relationship.” Or he will think he can walk all over you. I once had a guy ask me to inspect a truck for him that he was thinking about buying. I wasn’t even his girlfriend and we hadn’t been seeing much of each other. No freakin’ way. If we were married, absolutely. If you have a single guy in your life who is asking you to do things like this for him, it isn’t about the task he’s asking you to do. He’s seeing how hard you’ll work for him. So this is how we proceed with the “Should I Call” scenario:

1. He makes a statement. “I’ll call you.” (Words)
2. You go on enjoying your fabulous life: friends, career, family, other potential love interests, etc.
3. He picks up the phone and dials your digits. (Action)
4. You can pick up if you want to or let him leave a message. (It’s your choice)

Remember if you are in the middle of something (eating, sleeping, working, painting your nails) and he calls, don’t stop.  Move to your own groove.  Call him back when it’s convenient for you.  If they don’t call, see if the next man will back up his words with actions. Period. End of story. When they do call…be happy to hear from them. Share bits and pieces of your exciting life with him. Let HIM bring up the possibility of a date with delicious little you.

And you…you sexy hot amazing intelligent thing…are SO worth it!

With love, play and laughter, Goddess

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