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Discover who you are.  What you like and will not tolerate.

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Wait.  Back up Goddess. Huh?  Surrender to what?  The right career path.  The people you love spending time with.  The caress that feels good with absolutely NO “uh oh…” going on in your body.   Knowing that by loving and adoring yourself you can make the best decision for yourself and spare yourself (as much as possible anyway) long term pain.  It’s like the Samantha Jones (Sex in the City) in you-girls’ a bitch.  She won’t let go of who she is.  Even when she falls in love.  Samantha to Richard, the man she loves:

Samantha:  I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t be running around wondering who your banging when.

Richard:  I promised I would try to never hurt you again.  I love you.

Samantha:  Yeah?  Well I love me more.

Richard cheated on her once.  Samantha tried to get past it but she knew who he was.  Richard was not capable of being faithful.  She understood that so well because she understood herself so well.   Samantha was the female Richard.  She knew intellectually that it just couldn’t work.  Even though she was madly in love with him she let him go.   Instead of choosing to be a Drama Queen and worry about what he was doing all the time she chose herself.

Women hold on to men all the time they should let go.  This is control.  Does it **** that you can’t have the man you want?  Hell ya!  But it ***** even more when you lose yourself and still wind up alone.  I hear about it from girls everyday.  Just let him go.  Don’t let your ego (not having him) get in the way.  Surrender…

Surrender to what you love and what serves YOU.  The friendships that fulfill you.  The people that are always there for you.  Chocolate in every form imaginable.  Music that makes your heart and soul smile.  Tickling.  Reading and entertainment that fulfills you.  Education that grows your mind and bank account.  Volunteering.  Making a life long “What I want” list that is so hot it makes you smile just thinking about it!  Surrender to you.  Every single day.  If you find yourself obsessing about a man, a problem, talk to a girlfriend.  Take action.  Surrender to anything that makes you feel good.  Still in a funk?  Repeat Cleopatra’s quote above.  Over and over until you start to feel it in your body.

Why the quote above you may ask?  Comforts we despise?  Yeah.  How many times a day do you not do what is good for you because you are too busy.  Notice what you are busy doing.  Are you obsessing over someone or something you have no control over?  That’s when you switch.  Surrender to what you love.  Then and there.  Love, Goddess

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50 Shades Of Grey Book

50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades of Grey movie, surrender, depression,i hate myself
50 Shades of Grey 

50 Shades of Grey.  The “controversial book” that is (ahem) taking women by the millions.  I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it.  It’s just porn!  It’s badly written!  It’s degrading to women!  Yadda yadda yadda.  I’m only half way through the first book.  You know what I think this book is about so far?


Mmmmm….surrender.  Say whatever you want about the sex, how the guy doesn’t love her whatever.  A lot of people may get mad at me for this.  Maybe some are not being honest with themselves.  I, personally, want a man I trust so much that I can collapse in his arms and surrender to the pleasure he wants to give me.  Period.  I can block out the world, all the problems in the world, the problems I’m trying to solve, the multi-tasking, all the mindless and endless tasks I have to complete each and every day.  Completely surrender to pleasure.  And oh will he ever get it back.

Surrender.  Is that a bad word to you?  Does it signify weakness?  It used to with me.  I surrendered to my rage, jealousy and all those horrible emotions that can hold us back from producing as humans.  By living fully in the moment when these bad emotions crop up we are fully embracing them.  Why would we be given the gift of emotion if not to understand, celebrate and use emotions constructively?

Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart, don’t know how to laugh either.  Golda Meir

I’ve surrendered blissfully to all the good emotions too.  Surrender, to me, is living life in full out abandon.

Something else that is rolling around my brain about 50 Shades of Grey?  Men respond to us.  They want to make us smile.  They want to make us happy.  They want to produce for us.  The ones that really like us want to do all this for us.  Sometimes, we are so caught up in over-thinking that we can’t see that he is only trying to give us what we want.  We resist.  Resist.  Resist.  Notice how the men in your life respond to you.  Maybe…just maybe…you are resisting something that you really want.  I’m not just talking about sex here.  Listen to what men say to you, pause and let it wash over you.  Ask yourself this:  Do I want that?

Surrendering sexually …  to receive pleasure with abandon.  That’s the part I see in the story.  So how about you, lovelies?  Let the discussion begin.  Here and on Bitch Lifestyle Facebook.  Order the book:  50 Shades of Grey

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