Amazing Teachers

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Amazing teaches and mentors.  Who are yours?

I was very lucky to meet one of mine in college.  One day I was wandering around the theatre and Carol Lucha Burns came up to me.  I’ll never forget it.  I’d just become a theatre major and had just started taking one of her classes.  To say that Carol is passionate about theatre and her students is putting it mildly.  She greeted me warmly and we started discussing my schedule.  She asked me a few questions and then within moments, she had my schedule optimized for the rest of the year!  So I could take advantage of all my major had to offer while taking care of “electives.”  Stuff I had to take to satisfy my Liberal Arts degree.  She had taken those few minutes and really listened to me.  She saw in me something that I hadn’t seen yet.  I was still a very shy young woman who knew what she wanted but had no idea how to go about it.  She saw my determination and good work ethic.  Carol was encouraging and was not afraid of kicking her students in the butt if we needed it.  And sometimes we did.  It was so important that she did that because things are not easy in life!  Life is going to kick you in the ass!  You have to be able to take action and keep going when it happens!  She did it because she cared about us.  By doing that, she was preparing us for hardships.  Tough love is loving love.

Carol opened her house to her students.  One night I was rehearsing my Senior Project in her dining room.  In the living room another group of students were rehearsing a musical comedy show that was coming up that weekend.  Another group of students was doing something else in another part of the house, I can’t remember what for.  Carol would go from room to room that night and see how the progress was going.  The memory makes me smile always and, because inside of me is a big softie, shed a few grateful tears.

Carol’s students threw her a huge retirement party in New York City.  It was such a blast!  A lot of past students performed, there was a roast and it was filmed so we could all enjoy now and into the future.  Inspiring teacher and now…inspiring to women in retirement.  What has she been up to during retirement?  To keep in shape she does Pilates…even though she is the oldest at the studio.  She needs to keep her energy up for all the adventures she has been on:

  1. She volunteered to teach English to orphans in Vietnam for a month!
  2. Summer stock as Miss Marple at Cortland Repertory in New York State.
  3. Took voice lessons so she could bring back and improve a revue she did in the past titled, aptly:  “Bring it Back,” in New York City.
  4. Travels to Peru and safaris.
  5. Writing:  She is working on a new fictional story.
  6. And…she just published her first novel:  Georgia, a New York Story.  Georgia, a New York Story draws on her knowledge of human behavior and a strong belief in the ability of people to endure, expand and change, despite any obstacle. Like the eclectic family in her first work of fiction, she believes honesty, tough love, and humor are the most essential tools of survival.  Georgia, A New York Story  Georgia sounds like a Sassy Bitch we could all learn from no?  I’m looking forward to reading all about Georgia.

Who were your amazing teachers?  What did they teach you?  Did they give you a loving kick in the butt when you needed it?  Take a moment and appreciate them:  smile at the sky and yell “Thank you!  Also…look for mentors and teachers you can learn from that you admire right now.  Let their drive and passion motivate you-push you toward your own personal success.  Love, Goddess


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