Want To Turn Off a Man? Do This!

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Want to turn a man off?  I’ve got one for you:

Make him your “project.”  Men hate it!  I was talking to a male friend the other night and he’d just broken up with a girl because she was making him her “project.”    Maybe you decide you want him to dress better, become more organized, become a lawyer, whatever.  You’ll start dropping hints about this or that. They know what you’re doing so stop.  Wait for them to ask you your opinion.  And when they respect you they will.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your guy.  Nothing.  Wait for him to ask for your opinion about something they want to change in their life.  When they start asking for your opinion, give yourself a proud inner smile.  They respect you!  They want a problem solved and would like to know what you think before they make a decision.

Now is the point not to go nuts.  We can do that with our girlfriends.  Can you imagine the fun chaos that would ensue if you said to your best girl friend:  I need a new wardrobe.  Would you help me?  That may not work with your guy.  What’s better is:   Really listen to him and work with him to solve his problem.  Don’t take notes for him.  This really annoyed my friend about his now ex.  She began taking notes for him and presenting them to him!  If you get an idea to help him, give him 1 idea.  Follow up simply.  Remember one of the BEST things about men is they are so much simpler than we are!  So keep it simple with them.

Let’s Review:

  1. Don’t try to change a man by trying to make him your “project.”
  2. When you earn his respect he will ask your opinion and then you can let him know what you think.
  3. When he does respect you and ask, give him one thing to do.  Not a laundry list.  How would you like it if he did that with you?
  4. Respect is earned and reciprocal.  Respect him back by keeping it simple, loving and playful (when appropriate).

Love, Goddess

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