Test Drive a Relationship?

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Test drive a relationship?

I turn on the radio in my car and start backing out of my garage.  Two girls are having a giggling fit on the station I am listening to.  I get ready to change the channel because they are annoying me. I stop ONLY because this dude that used to play for my beloved New England Patriots,  Jerome Wiggins or “Wiggy,” (his nickname) starts talking.  He has a very distinctive voice!  LOL.  He is on this dating show and he is the “guy” advice.  The subject?  A girl has moved in with her boyfriend and it hasn’t turned out as she had planned.  The giggling girls think moving in with a guy is fab. They think it’s perfectly okay to move in with a guy and take him for a “test drive.” Giggle giggle giggle.  So here is the scenario:

The girl who has moved in with her boyfriend is shocked to find out that the guy is a bum.  He sits around all day and does nothing.  He says he is looking for a job but there is no real proof.  Now she is pissed off at the guy and is looking for advice.  The two giggly girls ask “Wiggy” what he thinks. Which is EXACTLY what I am thinking.  He says:

“Didn’t she know he was a bum before she moved in with him?”


Turns out she hadn’t been dating him very long.  (Really shocking, huh?)

Anyway…the giggling girls stopped in their giggly tracks upon hearing the common sense question from Wiggy.  Which to me was quite sad.

Girls…why the **** would you take a guy you barely know for a “test drive?”  Why would you go through all of that upheaval in your life for a “test drive?”  Moving is a huge deal!  I know because I just did it!  Why would you giggle about the scenario with such silly relish?  Could it be you aren’t thinking?  Uhmmmm….yeah.  That could be it.  Or the way he makes you tingle when he stands near you has fried your senses?  You better make sure that tingle doesn’t get you in a mess like this poor girl who is now stuck living with a dead beat bum. Hopefully she can extradite herself from the situation quickly without losing too much money over the deal.  We all know he doesn’t have the money to move.  So ladies…in conclusion: be ****** sure you know a guy, trust a guy and know exactly where your relationship is going before you move in with him.  Your time is a terrible thing to waste.  Love, Goddess

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