What people and clients are saying about Bitch Lifestyle:

I’m very thankful to have found your service and believe I’m healed from my past relationship because of your Bitch Coaching!  I’ve waited for so long to feel this way.  I’ve unlearned the habits that have kept me from the truth, from my true self and real happiness.  Janine

“Thanks for an amazing conversation in coaching.  You’ve given me a powerful way of dealing with my anger regarding my divorce.”  Susan

“I was so angry with my ex-boyfriend.  I never knew my anger and jealousy could be turned around in such a positive way!”  Jacklyn

“I loved our coaching sessions because you have powerful and fun ways to deal with negative things in life.  Thank you!”   Brandi

Regarding the Sassy Bitch Rules:

“Follow these rules like gospel.”  Adam Johnson, Tumblr

Bitch Lifestyles’ rules:  Bottom line, wise and easy to remember!  Lauren

I stumbled across your blog one day and ever since that moment I have fallen in love with your blog!!!  I love how you empower women to be strong, confident and sassy!  Thank you, Mary Ann

On Twitter:

@MaxNeptune “Adventurer in flirting and play.”

Your blog empowered me to dump my current boyfriend.  Thank you, Steph

I just made the decision to become a unique and irresistible woman because of @Goddesspower. Thank you Sharon!

@Temple of Teno @Goddesspower absolutely LOVE your writing style! Etiquette, elegance, and humor applied to the most “un-ladylike” of topics.

I nominate @Goddesspower for a Shorty Award in #hero because she has actually helped me see myself as a stronger woman. @write_aholic

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