Thank You!!

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Thank you!!!!!

1.  For joining the Bitch Rebellion. 

2.  For your energy, vulnerability and sassy stories.

3.  The passion you are putting into taking care of YOU.

4.  For all your warm, witty and sweet comments here, and Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook.

5.  For embracing the unknown, the outrageous and bursting out of the box.

6.  For all of us supporting each other.  Our dreams, our fears, our crazy and not so crazy thoughts.

7.  To saying NO to competing with other women. 

8.  To saying grounded in the positive.

9.  Knowing that every challenge we face, big or small, we’ll do it with charm, bluntness and humor.

10. We never wallow in “Expectations.”  We enjoy and accept the outcome, what we have and party with the gems unearthed.  And we remember that those gems just might need some polishing to make them shine.

11.  For checking the Brat and the Drama Queen at the door.  For being polite to the Brats and Drama Queens we meet, but staying uninvolved.

12.  For embracing all that makes  life worthwhile:  Play, tickling, laughter, fun, chocolate, adventure, new experiences and people.   A Bitch never feels guilty about savoring her favorite tastes and relishing all of her senses.

13.  For saying No to whining and YES to solving the problem.

14.  To whoever created chocolate, brie, red wine, bacon, pancakes and insert your favorite here:

15.  To Love.  Loving each other, playing our gorgeous butts off and to all our passions!

Wishing you the most fun, play filled, sensual, passionate Holiday ever.  And a successful New Year!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,  Goddess

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