Thankful it’s Monday?

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Monday.  Blah.  Today it’s all about taking a warm, soothing, relaxing bath of being thankful, grateful and appreciative.  What are you thankful for?  I’m thankful it’s Monday.  I used to hate Mondays.  I associated them with work, stuff I had to do and stuff I didn’t want to do.   It took some work, but I changed it into a week full of opportunity.  With plenty of room for fun.  How about you?  Would you like to try?  Look at your week planned.  Have you penciled in fun?   That’s your assignment.  Add some.  Then enjoy it.  Kind of like this:

I’m thankful it’s Monday because it’s a new week to research topics to write about, experience  and discover.  I’m thankful for the softball games I’m going to.  I love watching them because not only is the team good, but they are funny!  They are constantly entertaining me with their antics.  I’m looking forward to thinking up strategic moves to make this site more successful.  I’m looking forward to the time I have scheduled with my girlfriends.  To seeing my pictures from the Red Sox/Yankee game and the flirtations with some really sexy men I’ve met.   I’m excited about going to the farmers’ markets and savoring the fresh produce!  And the really great thing is…there is room in my schedule for some spontaneous fun!  Yay!

Get the picture?  For some ideas on adding fun, if it’s a little sparse in your schedule, check out Get Outrageous.  But Goddess…I don’t have time for this.  I am busy.  I have to do A,B,C,D etc.  I don’t have time to be so frivolous.  I’m stressed with all I need to do.  I have the week from hell.  Thanks, Brat.  You’re so cute, and I love that part of you! Let’s Laugh together with Who Controls You Your Bitch or Brat?  Really in a pissed off funk?  Do this Vent Anger: to get your Bitch back.  She’s so much more fun!

Let me know if you have any questions, or want me to play “Love Affair with Anger” with you.  I’d do just about anything to get you all playful, feisty and thankful again!  Love, Goddess

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