The Art of Seduction

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Picture of Lola Montez from Wikimedia 

I love reading about Great Seductresses.  Lola Montez, above, was a master.  Notice how she’s all buttoned up and is wearing a prim looking dress in this picture. Then you gaze at her face and you see the fire in it.  Imagine watching her enter a room.  Imagine watching her start to possess all in it.  I would love to learn that art from a woman like her!

There are so many clever women throughout history that have mastered the art of seduction.  Beautiful ones, powerful ones, smart ones.  These women come in all sizes, shapes and ages.  Love it.  The one thing all these women had in common was confidence.  They knew they were going to get whatever they wanted.  They were in control and relished it.  Following are techniques that these women used to become confident first and then master seductresses.  These techniques can help you succeed in many aspects of your life.  Aspects such as career, family, group dynamics and getting help from customer service reps.  😉

  1. The Art of Persuasion: There are many ways to seduce with this technique.  Find your strength in persuasion.  Ask a man to reach something for you at a grocery store.  Ask sweetly, softly, or with an enthusiastic smile.  Experiment. See which one fits your innate energy, beauty.  Think about your voice, too.  Practice whenever you’re out doing errands. Practice with males and females.
  2. The Art of Seeing and Appreciating Each Person For Who They Are: Find the beauty in each person you meet.  Old or young.  Handsome or not.  Quiet or enthusiastic.  Not making snap judgements when you first meet someone.  Tell them what you think is beautiful about them.  Watch their reaction.  Are they uncomfortable?  Do they receive your compliment gratefully and thank you?  Very telling about their confidence and capacity to open up to you.
  3. The Art of Movement and Demeanor: I can’t tell you how many men are fascinated by watching a woman move.   Know that men are fascinated by us.   Find ways to safely take center stage and relish attention daily.  (Not late at night if you’re alone!) Here is a recent example from my life: I was at a restaurant with 4 men the other night and showed them a card trick.  I started on my feet to grab and keep their attention. Then I slowed things way down in speech and description to increase the wow factor of the trick.  Then I slowly sat down to draw them in more.  It was a fun, flirtatious dance.  We all had so much delicious fun.  Play with your movements.  Walk a little slower,  feel your clothing as it moves.  Find the passion in movement!

This is a lot.  You don’t have to try and do this all at once.  Go at your own pace.  Play with your voice one day, your smiles, your movement.  Maybe it’s just enough that you have the courage to ask a man for something.  Start with men in your family if that helps.  These are confidence building exercises, beauty.  Make a commitment to play.  Find what traits sincerely works with you and who you are.  Love, Goddess


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6 thoughts on “The Art of Seduction

  1. I think a flirtatious smile and a wink would work for everyone. Women, men, young and old. Just make people feel good basically!

    As for in bed with your man, I realize doing a bit of performance with facial expression, a little play with your fingers around the lips, and the classic biting the lower lip would definitely work. You can then see the face of your man looking at you, he would just be amazed what a sexy goddess he is with!

    But like you said, it has to do with confidence! And that definitely takes practice!

  2. Elisa, this rocks! “Just make people feel good…” You are such the playful flirt. 😉 Love and a big hug, Goddess

  3. Love this! I used this recently & it totally works 🙂

    On another note, I saw on another blog post of yours that there would be an upcoming blog about the emotional mind games men play on women. Would be VERY interested to read that one! Xx

  4. Male mind games. Would you believe most men tell you exactly what’s wrong with them?
    Their way of having YOU make the choice. The choice to ie: Get involved
    with a man who is “not ready for marriage,” etc. Once you make the choice, he’s got
    his excuse. And you don’t have much of a defense. 😉 Here’s an article that can help you
    gain control, Annie. Enjoy! Love, Goddess

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