The Back Up Plan

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Today at Bitch University we discuss The Back Up Plan.

A Bitch always has one ready.  Essential if you really want something.  A must when dealing with flaky people.

Recently I was so grateful to have a back up plan.  I’m working on a project with a man who is bad at follow-through, flaky as hell and basically hasn’t a clue.  But I have to deal with him. And understand there is one thing he is helping with that I adore!  So I communicate what I like and don’t.  It’s good karma ladies.  Trying to educate clueless guys about what you want calmly takes practice.  I digress.

Mr. Flaky and I had a conversation about this.  His lack of production.   I’m not slitting my wrists waiting for him to produce. (For more see  Let A Man Chase You and Here’s How)  He said he would do something for me.  Of course it fell through last minute.  Of course I had a back up plan.  Of course it got done.  Thanks to a man I can rely on.  We’ll call HIM Mr. Sexy.  I thanked Mr. Sexy and made sure he got credit in front of the whole group.  Including Mr. Flaky.  I’m not mad at Mr. Flaky.  I did not call him out in front of the group.  I gave the person who helped me complete  a very important project kudos.  Mr. Flaky will get credit when he produces.

This all worked because I know who to rely on and who not to.  Know this in your life.  Not only do things get done quicker, but you won’t be spinning your wheels at the last minute doing all the work yourself. I used to drive myself crazy doing this!  Be one step ahead by having a plan B.  Trust is earned.  Mr. Flaky wants certain things from me.  And even though I’m communicating, he’s not earning my trust by acting.  No worries.  I have the fabulous Mr. Sexy.  He gets my attention because he wants to make me smile and feel good.   Looove him!

Love, Goddess

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