The Care and Feeding of YOU!

Okay lovelies!  Today we are going to focus on the care and feeding of lush little you!   You can print this out to remind yourself to take care of yourself when things get a little hectic.  You’re own little “pick me up.”   Post it on beautiful paper next to your desk, in your bedroom, put a copy in your wallet, in your car.  Why?  I realized today I wasn’t taking care of myself and I was edgy.  I wanted to let loose and get refocused.  So I came up with “The Care and Feeding of YOU” list.

1.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and say something in your mind that makes you feel fantastic.  Something like:  “I am the hottest, sexiest, savviest and loving woman alive!”  Repeat this phrase over and over until you feel calmer.

2.  Grab some of your body lotion and give yourself a hand massage, a foot massage, a neck massage.  Just enjoy the moment and how it feels so good to pay attention to YOU.

3.  Turn on some music and shake everything on that gorgeous body of yours!  Extra points if you can sing right along to the music. 

4.  Put a temporary tattoo, glitter, powder, sticker somewhere on your body and admire yourself in the mirror.

5.  Blow yourself a kiss and catch it.

6.  Make yourself a pot of tea and savor.  Use all your senses:  Smell, touch, sound, sight and of course taste.

7.  Put on some soothing music.  Light a candle and relax.

8.  List all the ways you “think” you don’t measure up.  Cut up the ways you “think” you don’t, put them in an ashtray and burn up those suckers!  Or flush them down the toilet.  Then list all the ways you are fabulous and display them.  Better yet, buy a gorgeous frame and put it on your wall!

9.  Make a list of all the things that make you feel good.  Your favorite of all favorites.  Keep them handy for an emergency pick-me-up.

10.  Get yourself to your “Bitch Spa.”  Create your own spa at home and go there for a do it yourself facial, manicure, salt scrub, etc.  Savor how good it feels to take care of yourself.

11.  Imagine me giving you a great big hug and tickle!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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