The Crazy Train

The Crazy Train. ***

I was on it Sunday.  Do you know when you’re on yours?  Do you know how to go with the flow when wants, goals, dreams and pleasures are hitting you from all directions?  It’s hard to be this aware, fully awake and alive.  It takes practice and being SO in your Bitch and SO confident that as the train goes faster, so do you.  Effortlessly.  It’s being one with the fur flying.  Before the story…here’s a recap on helping you be SO in your Bitch.  Get yourself into Bitch University, reread these articles and the process.  Then we can move on to the next crucial step:  Awareness.

  1. Acknowledging messy emotions like Fear, Anger, Doubt and Worry help show you what you want:  Fear is a Future Emotion: Worry Just Kills Delicious: Anger IS Scary If You Let It Be
  2. Practice getting rid of this messy energy by getting physical.  Then listen to what your Bitch says after you’ve gotten rid of the messy energy noise.
  3. Practice Communicating in a charming, bottom line kind of way.  On Being Blunt
  4. Celebrate your Brat when she’s trying to bring you down “You Had a Bad Day,” or really kick her to the curb with Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack:
  5. STOP with the Expectations.  This will come sort of naturally once you take care of that ANGER:  No Expectations, Please:
  6. Is an important piece to this puzzle.  I’ll share in a moment.  This is one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to learn how to do.  But it’s where you find the most delicious fruit for your labors.  Where you find your desires coming true!  And if you don’t do this you may miss it.

Back to Sunday.  I was on my way to Boston and not happy.  Nothing was going right. I had no time to kick box.  I was feeling guilty because I was having a hard time fitting in a girlfriend who needed me.  I got in the car and I knew I was in for it when “Crazy Train,” by Ozzy Ozbourne was on.  I’d change the channel and it would be playing on that one, too!  All I could do was go with the flow.  As crazy as the day was, beautiful, long term desires were right in front of me.  I abhor rehearsing on Sundays, but…my improv group is going so well.  Every desire I’ve had is rushing toward me.  It’s SO good.  And chaotic.  Let me titillate you with a question here:  How do you know you are in your Bitch in utter chaos?

After rehearsal more road blocks were put up before me.  I wasn’t in the mood to pick up my sledgehammer and whack away.  I did anyway.  Whack whack whack.  Every roadblock was me resisting my wants, goals, dreams and pleasures.  Crazy how we do that, huh?  Do you do that?  I was resisting a really big pleasure.  A gorgeous, fun hot sexy man that I’d met.  Remember the post from last week?  Resisting Passion: I got those Alice Ozy touches and kisses that set my body on fire.   He was giving me a massage and said: “I can feel the heat coming off your body.”  That’s when I knew I was fully in my Bitch.  The heat coming off my body.

6.  When you have an amazing, crazy day with desires, wants, dreams and pleasures coming to fruition, STOP everything.  Make the time to process it all.  So you don’t miss one delicious drop and can be GRATEFUL.  If you don’t take this time, you may miss things that really turn you on.  You may miss what you DON’T like.  If you miss what you don’t like, you may make the same mistakes over and over.   You’re researching delicious you, remember.  This is like your term paper!

I took a long walk at the beach the next day to process.  It was cool realizing I was a fully confident Bitch in the chaos.  It was the HEAT comment my sexy man made that did it.  Years ago I met this amazing, charismatic woman.  She’s like light to moths.  She’s so confident and turned on that you can feel the heat coming from her body if you stand near her.  (sassy smile)  I wanted that.  And I’ve been getting it.  First in everyday calm life:  A girlfriend was standing next to me.  She looked a little distracted as we were talking.  Then she said,  “You must be doing well.  I can feel the heat coming off you.”  And then on Sunday I had that passionate heat going on during the Crazy Train experience.  So awesome!  And I want that for all of you.

THAT was a lot.  A lot for you to practice, sink your teeth into and party with.  So get to your party and find your heat!!!  Love, Goddess

***Picture of Hello Kitty Train from Ken Wooi web site:


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