The Guy That Always Comes Back

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You’re dating other men.  Enjoying them.  One of them kisses you.  Or maybe the one you WANT to kiss disappears.  It drives you nuts.  You start thinking of only him-Original Kiss Guy and how he may kiss.  You get a grip and focus on all the other men who are interested in you.  You start to like another guy.  A few weeks pass and then BOOM!  Original Kiss Guy comes back.

Why does this happen, beauties?  It never fails.  I really don’t know either…but here is a hunch:  You’re not thinking of him and you’ve moved on.  You’re happily going about your business, enjoying new options.  Now you aren’t thinking and stressing over him and a “maybe kiss.”  Men respond to women, right?  They know when we are upset.  They want to make it better.  We let the guys we like make us feel better.  They also seem to respond to the anxiety we feel sometimes when we really like him.  When we start wondering about what he is thinking, feeling, how he kisses, his arms around us, wedding stationary, I could go on and on.  The moment we add the twinge of expectation…the Ohhhhh I want him to kiss me now!  He disappears.  It’s almost like he knows it before we do.  So he runs.

How do you deal with this?  By letting other guys make you smile.   Let them keep your mind off Original Kiss Guy.  Forcing yourself if you have to.  Then…you start having fun with all the other wonderful things in your life and you forget about his kiss.  Then Original Kiss Guy gets in touch.  LOL.  Here’s the sneaky thing.  When you’re reading this, don’t start saying to yourself:  OH that’s it.  Okay!  I’ll date other people and Original Kiss Guy will come back.  Then you aren’t giving your true “happy” a chance.  In the back of your mind you’re going through the motions to get Original Kiss Guy back.

So truly get happy, truly have fun and truly enjoy the other men giving you attention.  Men love happy women.   When Original Kiss Guy calls, yeah, you’ll be shocked.  Or maybe, just maybe, you won’t be because the man your with now… is SO much better.  He always makes you smile and he never leaves you.  Because he adores you.  And you deserve nothing less!  Bottom line:  by keeping your mind focused on that which brings you the “happy” works in your favor right?   Love, Goddess

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