The Jerk

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Sometimes they just won’t go away.  All the ignoring in the world doesn’t work.

The Jerk.

The guy that is chasing you that doesn’t care about you.  You’ve communicated with him in a bottom line way.  He still continues.  Instead of respecting your words he ups the ante.  The goal is seeing exactly what works to reach his goal.  Just having you.  Yes, I’m talking about “Chase Guy.”  I hesitated writing this because I don’t want to feed his ego in doing it.  Which I know it will.  There are a million reasons why not to write it.  None matter because one of the goals at Bitch Lifestyle is for women to be able to handle the jerks and not let them push their buttons.  It’s like the Universe plopped this guy into our lives and now we all have to deal.  One of those “teachable moments.”  Because…

After months of me ignoring him, “Chase Guy” upped the ante.  He liked and posted on Bitch Lifestyle’s Facebook page.  I don’t even have to tell you who he is.  If you go, you’ll be able to tell.  Don’t engage him.  That isn’t the point.   He posted something obnoxious and self-serving.  If it had been when we first met?  I would have laughed and been playful with the comment.  Because of his actions I’m not in a playful mood.  Remember this post –  it will ground you with obnoxious men: Dealing With a Demanding Man  Remember.  If he wants access, he has to play by YOUR rules.  When he plays by your rules, he gets nice accommodating you.  When he doesn’t?  You call him on it and watch his actions.  If he gets it, he’ll do what you ask.  If he doesn’t care he’ll send you something disrespectful like this:

Didn’t mean to misunderstand, just giving you naughty pleasure crossed my mind and wanted to say hi since back in town 🙂  Maybe we’ll cross paths, maybe not. Hope you’re well 🙂 “

The only person I want “naughty pleasure” from is a man I can trust.  No girl should ever trust a guy like this.  Unless of course she is an EXTREME bad ass and can have such naughty pleasure with the guy that it throws him for a loop.  And then she dumps him.  Notch on her bed post.  I totally respect that.  It’s not me, however.  Remember, “Chase Guy” travels in a circle of friends I have.  So at some point I will see him.  Upping the ante.  One day he’ll realize that I’m not playing.  None of us Sassy Bitches are.   Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “The Jerk

  1. This jerk is the typical product of what I call “Female Offenders” – females who offend Women and the Female Species by mis-educating the males in their lives (sons, brothers, etc.) to believe that they are oh-so-special to the point that they can BULLY their way to what they want (which works on the Female Offenders). Female Offenders are the reason that:

    – the fat-hairy-halitosis guy thinks YOU’RE a conceited bitch because you won’t date him;

    – no Woman is good enough for him – and if you give him a pity date, he thinks he’s doing you a favor;

    – he can offend you and you should take it to heart and change your entire life to accommodate his fantastical idea of his concept of “reality”; and

    – a myriad of other things that continue to propagate male inferiority based on delusions of grandeur – when We could all do better by showing WORTHY males HOW to be all the things the Female Offenders lie to let them believe they are.

    Ladies, should this jerk – or any other jerks – continue to be a STALKER, do take advantage of the resources on HOW TO STOP A STALKER

    If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of THE PROBLEM.

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