The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Scott Zolak (L) and Andy Gresh (R) my heroes during a Patriots football game loss from 98.5 The Sports Hub. Picture from On Twitter: @GreshandZo

“Yesterday I went home and stared at the wall for 3 hours.  It’s like going crazy when you’re already nuts.”  Scott Zolak

The agony of defeat.  That’s exactly how I felt yesterday after The Patriots lost to the Buffalo Bills.  It made me laugh so hard this morning when I heard it on the Gresh and Zo radio show!  I know exactly where to go to heal my pain after a football loss.  Gresh and Zo.  XOXO to them.

That’s exactly how I felt yesterday-and I couldn’t go home and stare at the wall.  I had to be responsible and run a rehearsal for my improv group.  My friend Gio…who is in the group is just as frustrated as I am.  He is listening to the football game on his iPad as we try to find another building to rehearse in. (Normal building not available)  I’m so proud of my group though.  Everyone is stepping up.  I have limited knowledge of the area we rehearse in, so one is leading the way and another is making phone calls to the other group members so they can find us. This frees me up so I can charm the man who caught us rehearsing where we shouldn’t have been.  We finally find a space, and the game is over.  My best friend, Mary Ann, has heard the Patriots have lost and calls me to see if I’m okay.  I instantly feel better.  THIS is exactly what I need when the Patriots lose.  The frustration disappeared from my body.  Almost instantly.  I thanked her, told her I loved her, was in rehearsal so I would call her later.

After a hectic rehearsal, my friend Jason did the exact WORSE thing to me after a Patriots game.  He started picking on me and giving me **** about the loss.  I did not get angry.  Though I did enjoy the thought of throwing a table at him.  LOL.  I said, “My best friend did the perfect thing for me after the loss.  She called me to see how I was.  It made me feel so much better.”  He did a complete 180.  He became sweet and awesome!  We hung out and had a great chat and he gave me some fantastic knowledge about some things I was curious about.  By telling him what would make me feel better and not being angry about it, he became my hero.  I gave him that opportunity and it felt great for both of us!

How do you get here?

  1. Know how to deal with your anger and frustration.
  2. Discover what makes you feel better and stay grounded in it.
  3. Communicate it.

Using me as an example:

  1. Know how to deal with your anger and frustration.  For me it’s kick boxing, long walks-I must get my body moving!
  2. Discover what makes you feel better and stay grounded in it.  After a Patriots loss I listen to Gresh and Zo.  They feel the same way.  They always say the perfect thing which makes me laugh!
  3. Communicate it.  When people give me crap after the game, it makes me feel worse!  The person who saw through me and how much football means to me is a wonderful man named Daniel.  He called me after a loss because he saw me after a loss and knew how to make me feel better.  He didn’t DISMISS something that was so important to me.  xoxo to you, Daniel!  Because he gave me what I needed, I can share it with those I love.

Dealing with your anger is everything!  How do you deal, gorgeous?  Share on Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook   Love, Goddess

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