The Turning Point


Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine from The Internet Movie Database

Ready for a treat?  Rent the movie “The Turning Point.”  A fantastic movie for your Drama Queen.  She’ll love it.  Not only will it entertain you – you might just learn something along the way.  Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft are at the top of the acting game as two former ballerina rivals whose decisions take them down completely different paths.  Competition and jealousy ooze beneath the surface of a deep friendship.  Decisions, transitions, and forks in life’s road are faced by all the film’s characters.  All set against the dramatic backdrop of a ballet company.  A gorgeous metaphor for life, really. 

You know how I’m always talking about learning how to speak in a blunt but not angry way?  Characters speak this way to each other in the movie.  They have to say painful things to each other.  But these are things that must be said.  And the lesson is, if you say it then the person can move on.  By not speaking the truth, and just letting things slide over and over it creates more pain and in some cases (like the ballerina who won’t quit) unnecessary embarrassment.  To be blunt:  If you care, say it.

I love Martha Scott as the blunt, money-minded owner of the ballet company.  She has run the Ballet company for years and almost went bankrupt 5 times.  She knows what the company needs to succeed.  She is passionate about her work and will say and do what’s necessary.  This is courage.  Especially when you have numerous people depending on you and your leadership for a paycheck.  A strong person has to say truth to everyone in order to succeed in any business or career.

Want more?  How about a cat fight to end all cat fights?  And Mikhail Baryshnikov at the top of his dancing career.  And in lots of scenes, shirtless.  Purr…

These lines brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful:

Didi:  Are you trying to get rid of me?

Wayne:  No.  I’m trying to hold on to you.

A man who is willing to give his wife up for a summer in New York City and all the memories it includes.  Because he knows that by doing that, he’s going to keep her happy.  A wonderful example of loving someone that brings tears to my eyes.  Of letting someone be them and giving them the freedom to do it.  The best kind of love.  The ultimate in trust. 

So enjoy.  With lots of popcorn and butter!  Love, Goddess

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