Think You’re Too Old and Ugly to Be a Seductress? Think Again!

seductress, isabella stewart gardner
Isabella Stewart Gardner courtesy of Stolen Film


Does this lady look like a Seductress?  Think you’re too old to be a Seductress?  Think again, honey!

Vitality, energy, passion and enthusiasm.  Witty intelligence.  Trust me when I say those qualities are way more interesting to a man than a hot figure and “society’s stamp of approval” face.  Sure-they may attract a man for the short term.  Sure-they may want to have sex with her.  But men stick to a woman going for her passions like industrial strength glue.   You want proof?  Let’s discuss a woman who was considered “old” and “ugly.”

Isabella Stewart Gardner: (1840-1924)  Was thin and sad faced in a time where “voluptuousness” was the fashion.  But she landed the hottest bachelor in Boston society,  financier Jack Gardner.  How?  She was a witty conversationalist, had a huge zest for life, was intellectually curious and had a great sense of humor.  (Which came in handy with the way the press loved to scandalize her) Jack Gardner gave her everything she desired.  Jewels, indulged her passion for art: Gardner Museum  and looked the other way regarding her lovers.  One was Francis Marion Crawford, considered the “handsomest man on two continents” and throngs of “Museum Boys” who followed her wherever she went.  Not bad for such a “homely old woman,” hmmmm Ladies?  And to top it all off, she was a huge philanthropist.   In her will she donated to the Massachusetts Society to Prevent Cruelty to Children, Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed Children and several other important charities.

Bottom line…lady was enmeshed in her passions ie: art and lived exactly how she wanted to.  The result?  People were fascinated by her, adored her and she lived a long and fulfilling life.  So remember the amazing Isabella the next time you are doubting anything about you, gorgeous one.  Get in touch with your passions and see what you can shake loose!    Love, Goddess

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6 thoughts on “Think You’re Too Old and Ugly to Be a Seductress? Think Again!

  1. Yhea….Isabella Stewart Gardener kicked Ass! I have the pleasure of living in Boston and have been to the museum a number of times. The cool this is the museum is her house…just the way she left it. It is fabulous and has an inside garden terrace to die for. She was totally out of the box and lived her passion with know apologies.

  2. I know….seriously awesome woman. I live near Boston and have made plans to go the museum, but they always fell through. It sounds amazing and your assessment of the museum makes me want to go ASAP! So that will happen in the next couple weeks. Love, Goddess

  3. Your right Goddess…A woman doesn’t need to be voluptuous to be a “Seductress”! Men are really simple and if a Man finds woman seductive its probably more than a Hot Bod(But it doesn’t hurt either!) that he is attracted to.
    Of course men are very “visual” and shallow at first but sometimes Men just want to be with someone who makes him feel good about himself! And Sex/attraction/love would not be complete without something more that just good looks! I wish I could find someone like Isabella!

  4. Thanks so much! It’s so cool to get this affirmation from a man. I think men are amazing and want you and all you do celebrated here, too! Love, Goddess

  5. we sometimes 4get that men have other senses besides sight–but they do—men love hearing a sexy voice, and they love sensuality—plus theres a little thing called beauty fatigue—the old-school rock group queen mentions this in their song, fat bottomed girls—awesome song btw—id like 2 read the book by ms prioleau, but cant get it @ my local library

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