This Week at Bitch University: Strong Sassy Women

This week at Bitch University I’m giving you strong, sassy women to learn from.  Rent or watch “Battlestar Galactica” on Netflix.  Here are your instructors and the courses they’re teaching:

Picture of Laura Rosalin from

Understanding the Male Ego:  Instructor, Laura Rosalin.  She goes from being Education Secretary to President of the fleet.  She is responsible for the last 49,000 humans alive.  In order to do this she has to become leader and politician overnight.  She also must work with the Commander of the fleet, Adama, who’ll go to any lengths to protect it.  She understands and appreciates how deep this man’s (or any mans’) need is to protect.  After a rocky start the two get along famously and they fall deeply in love.  Oh…and she does all of this while battling cancer.   At Bitch University you deserve the best:   Rosalin will teach you all you need to run any show.

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Calling People on Their Bullshit One And Two:  Instructor, Kara Thrace.  Kara is the best fighter pilot in the fleet, is rarely seen in anything but her uniform, and will call you on your crap in a minute.  And she has ALL the hot men in love with her.   She’s passionate, fiery, playful and is the definition of courageous.  She’ll show you how to call people on their crap, be 100% true to yourself, how to play and flirt with men, and as a bonus beat anyone at cards.

Picture of Six from

Introduction to Vocal Control:  Instructor, Six.  She’s hot, blonde, intelligent and has a body to die for.   Despite all her physical attributes, her voice is what mesmerises.  Slow, sensual, gorgeous, charming and firm.  Never underestimate your voice, Bitches.  Learn how to use it to captivate in your professional and personal life.

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Problem Solving Basics:  Instructor Dualla teaches the power of quiet strength.  She’ll show you how to navigate and solve problems on a daily basis all while not raising your voice.  Only when you master this phase will she pass you to Part Two, Advanced.  Problem Solving Basics must be taken with Introduction to Vocal Control.

Problem Solving Advanced:  Instructor Dualla.  Learn how to resolve a crisis by quickly finding an unobtrusive way to get things done.   Not necessarily with the knowledge or approval of your superiors.  A must in every Bitches’ arsenal!

Want more?  How about some eye candy?

Sam from

Strong sassy women aren’t enough for you?  Okay…how about epic romances, tragic romances, never knowing what’s next and best of all-this series is character based.  Characters, twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  This is the only sci fi series that ever got my attention and kept it.  So get studying!  Love, Goddess

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  1. Who knew Battlestar G could teach us a thing or two! Thanks for the research and your love for this show!

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