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Trust is something that has to be earned.  Over time.  You just can’t snap your fingers and the Trust Fairy grants it.  Even if you DO trust someone, there are certain things you shouldn’t share.  Like personal information.  There’s a reason why it’s called “Personal Information.”  It’s not “Everyone’s Information,” or “Hey everyone want access to my bank account information,” or even “My Pin number is.”  Never give out this information.  Yeah…Bitch is on a tangent.  Here’s why I’ve become all Queen Mother Bitch about it.  A very sweet client of mine had a boyfriend who wanted personal information from her.

Sweet Client: (after completing an assignment to get rid of her anger at men) My boyfriend asked something of me that I found disturbing.

Me:  Yes?

Sweet Client:  He wanted us to exchange passwords and share our personal Facebook information.

Me:   And?

Sweet Client:  I said no.  What bothered me is he said “Why-don’t you trust me?”

Me:  And?

Sweet Client:  Then we got into an argument about trust.

Me:  How does your body feel talking about this?

Sweet Client:  I feel like slimy creatures are crawling all over me!

Me:  So it makes you feel yucky.  LOL…

Sweet Client:  I don’t know what to do.

Me:  Yes you do.  So do it!

And she did.  She told her boyfriend that she wasn’t going to share that information with him.  She told me he tried to change her mind and guilt her into it.  She dumped him.  Made this Queen Mother Bitch so proud!  This guy tried to guilt her into sharing something that was none of his business.

I was relieved for her and didn’t think about it anymore.  Until yesterday.  When I heard on the radio on the John Tesh program that this sort of thing is happening more and more often!  It’s a new way to show love and trust among young people, the show said.  Sharing Facebook passwords.  It also said every person that shared their Facebook passwords got into a lot of trouble.  Personal pictures and email were sprayed all over the internet.  And that was just the tame stuff.

So don’t do it.  Don’t share your personal information with anyone.  Keep it personal.  And if someone asks you and then tries to make you feel bad?  Tells you a lot about their character.  Or lack thereof.  Or naivete.  If you’ve given out personal passwords, change them toute suite!  Love and a warm bear style hug, Queen Mother Bitch

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2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I do not share my personal information with no one. There are only 3 people that I would trust with my life and my personal information. They have never asked me for my information, but I know I could depend on them to take care of something for me if I needed them too.

  2. Yeah…and thos people that don’t ask for personal information? They get it and wouldn’t dream of asking. You’re right to depend on these people. Love, Goddess

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