Turn Daily Mundane Into Sassy and Fabulous!

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Today your assignment at Bitch University is a toughie.  I know you can complete it with flying colors.  You’re assignment is to find a way to make the completely mundane and boring-fun.  In any way possible.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Chores:  Put on bright red lipstick, a cute outfit and blast music.  Find the music and outfit that makes this activity FUN for you.
  2. Have a beyond boring business meeting or class?  Before you go to the meeting remove your panties.  It’ll be our naughty little secret.
  3. Pick out a “Money Song” and groove to it while you’re balancing the books or doing your budget.  Here are a couple to get you started:  “Material Girl”  Madonna, “Opportunities-Let’s Make Lots of Money” Pet Shop Boys, “Independent” Destiny’s Child.
  4. It’s spring.  If you’re working and it’s not raining…get out there and take a walk, dine al fresco and enjoy the spring daffodils!
  5. If you’re not quite ready to go panty free, try a garter belt.  If something happens during the day that makes you unhappy, use this new tool.  Sit at your desk or wherever and close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy the lace caressing your skin.
  6. Spritz your gorgeous feminine core with perfume.

Take notes.  Which of these ideas worked?  Which didn’t?  Which might you put on the back burner for a few weeks?  Experiment, study and discover, beautiful!  Oh…and PLEASE share fun ideas on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page.  😉  Love, Goddess


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