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Drama Deflected:  Wonder Woman image from the fab web site Miss Happ http://misshapp.blogspot.com/2011_04_01_archive.html

This post is not about sadness.  It is about perspective.  There are so many things we let our Drama Queens throw us into a tizzy for.  Things that take away our focus from what matters.  What matters will make us stronger.  What matters will turn us into Sassy Super Bitch.  The Sassy Super Bitch who still has a Drama Queen within her, but is feminine, strong and oh so worthy of everything she desires.  She knows what and who deserves her time and the knowing keeps her focused and happy.  And when things are crashing all around her?  She still knows how to take care of herself.

In the past three weeks, I’ve dealt with 3 deaths.

One was a man whom I’d had a crush on for years.  Talented.  Warm.  Friendly.  Intelligent and full of integrity.  Integrity makes my heart swoon.  TC was the type of person who always remembered your name and always took the time to really talk to you.

A family member whom I loved playing cards with during family parties.  June was smart, sassy and could put you in your place with one look.

And the hardest of all…a wonderful girlfriend of mine.  The beautiful, sweet, always there for me Sparkling Nicandra.  I was so lucky to have had her in my life.  A real tried and true friend.

Here’s where I kick you in the butt.  Stop letting the Drama Queen rule your life.  There are times to be sad and times to kick box the frustrations OUT.  Know which is which.  Example:

  1. Stressing about what some guy meant in a text.    Yawn.  Kick box.
  2. Stressing about the office head case.    Yawn.  Kick box.
  3. Worrying about stuff incessantly.    Yawn.  Kick box.
  4. Being mean to other girls, focusing on the negative in the world, thinking of the things you should and shouldn’t do, caring what a casual acquaintance thinks about you, etc.  Yawn.  Kick box.
  5. Compromising yourself and what you want so someone else gets what they want from you.    Yawn.  Kick box.

Take action, action, action!  Kick box, vent with a girlfriend, but don’t let it rule your day.  Good Lord woman!  That is living in your Drama Queen.  Worrying about everything and everyone else.  Ya ever notice how “not fun” worrying is?

There are sometimes where it is necessary to mourn.  YES.  Know when to quit and know when to take care of yourself so you don’t waste a moment of your precious time!  When you take care of things in your life, especially when you are on the emotional roller coaster…you start to notice the irony of things around you.  And how the universe has a really crazy sense of humor.  It’s almost like there are little tests to see how resilient you are.  If you can see the humor in things?  You’re definitely on the Sassy Bitch fast track.

The morning of the funeral services for my gorgeous friend, I have an improvisational comedy show that very night. 

Whoa, right?  What am I supposed to do with that one?

Two thoughts:  Go with the flow and rock it.   If I’m on my game I’ll find the funny.  If not?  I need to take better care of myself.  We’ll see…

Know what is important to you.  Focus on that.  Not on that which is not worthy of your time.  Love, Goddess

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