Honor Your Divine Feminine with Music

Honor your divine feminine with music
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Honor your divine feminine with music…all day long. However possible. Really play with this idea! It’s so fun.  Get into the habit of saying to yourself “what sort of music would capture what I need and desire right now?” Use music to play, dissipate stress, recharge, feel sensual or sexy…and to wind down at the end of the day.  Examples:

1.  Did something happen to really piss you off or cause you stress?  Here is a great video to scream, dance, and move that emotion out of you.  So you can relax and deal in a calm way.

2. Mourning a lover?


I love this one because you watch it and it’s all there.  The anger, the frustration the sadness. Mirrored right back at you.  “Nothing Compares to You.”

How about really bitching it up and inserting music into your entire day?  Here is what I have been doing lately and how it enhances my day:

  • In the morning when I am doing early chores and getting ready for the day I have this CD called “Sexi.”  It makes me feel playful and energetic as I start my daily routine.
  • While I’m working I listen to “Spa Radio” on Pandora.  It helps me focus.  If I’m really busy and have a lot of clients during the day this really does the trick.  If I have a less busy day I may listen to 80s or 90s music.  That music really helps me when I am doing mundane tasks for this website!
  • At night, when I’m writing or researching, I listen to two stations, a yoga station and a station that plays music from the TV show Twin Peaks. Both really help me continue tasks I want to accomplish yet also help me wind down and relax.

The great thing about Pandora is you can have it with you all the time.  How can YOU use something like this to really enhance your day?  Now go play…class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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