Valentines Day Bitch Style!

valentines day
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“I’m in XYZ.  I miss you my love, ”  he said to me.

I miss him too.  I miss his playfulness, warm arms and sexy smile.  I haven’t told him I love him or used the word in any capacity.  I don’t know if I’m in love with him.  He understands this because we’ve discussed it.  He said that he knows he has to prove through his actions that he is worthy of my love.  He said he would prove that he’s a man in my eyes and that he is not a boy.  He said he would fight to win my love if anyone else tried to win it.

Valentines’ Day is coming up and I expect nothing from him.   What he just said to me was my “Valentine.”  It’s perfect.  He called me “his love” on his own-without a Holiday telling him to do it.  And that means so much more to me than a date on a calendar.   A date that the world has put on a calendar.  A date that puts pressure on him to show me that he loves me.

How about you?  What does Valentines Day mean to you?   Do you dread it because you’re not dating someone?  Are you praying to meet someone to celebrate with?  Are you disappointed when your boyfriend gets you something you don’t want, need or is unromantic?  Get a grip, Bitches!   That’s your Brat acting up.  And you know the Brat.  It’s all about what she doesn’t have and what she should have.  And she’ll never be happy because she can’t be in the moment and be grateful for the wonderful that comes her way.  She’s stuck on a date that the world has put on her calender.

We are going to squash that Brat over the next couple weeks.  That’s what Bitches do.  We are going to enjoy the hell out of Valentines Day by not pressuring ourselves or the men in our lives.   We are going to do it together.  You, me and everyone else on this web site.  We are going to fall in love with our luscious asses (literally and figuratively)  We are going to shower everyone we love with love on the Holiday of Love:  Valentines Day.  We are going to put a Sassy Bitch spin on it.  I now present Valentines Day Bitch Style!

1.  Enjoy those aisles stocked with Valentine goodies in the stores.  I had so much fun in Target last night looking at all the pink, red and heart shaped items there.  Yummy candies, cards, rose petals, candles and this really soft pink heart pillow.  I enjoyed how wonderful that soft pillow felt on my skin.  And I got the cutest cards for my girlfriends.  Which leads me to Number 2:

2.  Buy some adorable Valentines and give them out to those you love.  Spread the love to your girlfriends!  Girls are the ones who get excited over these frilly little cards.  Your Mom, Grandmother, aunts, cousins and nieces would appreciate them so much more than a man.   I bought  Fashion Barbie cards that come with really cute tattoos.

3.  Show that hot body of yours some love.  Pamper yourself by using everything on your body that makes you feel beautiful.  Skin care, perfume, glitter, clothes and accessories.  Find a look in a magazine that you would love to try and then do it!  Copy some make up ideas, hair ideas.  See if you like it on you.  Experiment with your beauty.

4.  Make a commitment to falling in love with wonderful you.   Kick it up a notch, as Emeril would say.  Go to a store and try on a diamond ring.  Or any ring with a huge gem in it.  Enjoy the gem sparkling on your skin.  Try different jewels to see which one you like best and note why.  Promise to love and adore yourself as you gaze at you and the ring in a mirror.

5.  Share with us on this site:  Anything fun that you do to adore YOU.  Spread the fun, Bitches!

Love, Goddess

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6 thoughts on “Valentines Day Bitch Style!

  1. You Rock Goddess! I love this. I also was in Target rubbing that heart pillow on my skin, how could I resit it? I like the idea of spreading the Valentine’s Day love with my girls friends. I think I am going get some cards to send.

    Big Love,

  2. Adorable One,
    I’m not saying not to ever feel sad. It’s one of our beautiful emotions. Valentine’s Day can feed on what we don’t have. If we let it. I’m asking you to play with all the love and fun offered on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy all the love you already have in your life. We’ll be doing this all week. Here and at Bitch Lifestyle on Facebook. How does that sound? With love and a hug, Goddess

  3. you are just so zealous! i love it! i feel empowered everytime i read your words! im always excited to check for new articles….

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