Valentines Day the Excuse to Indulge in Chocolate!

Fabulous recipe from the awesome Nicko’s Kitchen on YouTube

Valentines Day-the excuse to indulge in chocolate.  Mmm….  I discovered after an extensive study that my favorite is:  dark Belgium Chocolate.    Because we are celebrating the Holiday of Love this week, aka Valentines Day Bitch Style, I would love to honor chocolate today.  One of our great loves.  And the aisles at the stores are loaded right now!  A sweet nirvana, hot ones!  So get in there and enjoy.  Want more?  Time to Bitch it Up:

1.  Conduct your own chocolate study.  Bitch it Up by getting your girlfriends involved and making it a party.  Make a list of the types of chocolate on the market.  It can be as extensive or as short as you like.  (depending on your passion for dark yummy stuff!)  Assign a brand to each girlfriend.  Give the party/study a fun name like “The Bitch Institute for Advanced Chocolate Lovers.”   Do a blind taste test and pick your favorites.

2.  Discover your favorite way to eat it.  Do you love it au naturale?  Give me a dark chocolate bar and I’ll munch away.  Or do you like it melted in a fondue?  What is your favorite item dipped in this luscious fondue?   Strawberries, cookies, marshmallows, cake?  You name it then dip it!

3.  Conduct a tasting on your favorite Valentines or Easter chocolate, candy or novelty.

5.  Note your favorite outcomes and keep these goodies on hand at all times!

6.  Not satisfied?  Make your own chocolate!  Watch video and adapt to your liking. 😉

6.  Share your favorites here.  Then we can all get some sweet love!

Love, Goddess

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