Walking Dead Danai Gurira

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Gorgeous image from Afrolistas and the City: http://afrolistasandthecity.blogspot.com/2013/09/instyle-magazine-october-2013-actress.html


Walking Dead.  Apparently it is a TV show.  I don’t watch it but fell in love with one of the actors anyway!  Meet my new girl crush:  Danai Gurira.  I found this pic on the awesome Afrolistas and the City.  I fell in love with the “badass attitude” because it is so Bitch Lifestyle.  She has taken her passions and focused on all the possibilities.   Any insecurities have been switched in a positive way.   Her attitude is empowering.   There is a beautiful person on every page in a magazine.  I normally quickly flip through.  All the same.  Not when I got to Danai and her fashion spread in In Style Magazine.  Her beauty made me stop.  I couldn’t take my eyes off how gorgeous she is!  Her words made me slow way down.  I rarely watch TV and even tuned into The Walking Dead this weekend just to check out a strong and successful woman.  I probably won’t be watching it…I mean…you know how crazy it is to live a Bitch Lifestyle.  It is ridiculously busy!  But I had to share with you so you could Google Danai Gurira and enjoy her sass, strength and beauty as well.  Let me know if she rocks your world and is your new girl crush too!

Love, Goddess

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