What Makes You High

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What makes you high?

The perfection of creation.  That feeling you get in your body that makes you glow and hum pleasurably all over.  The moment where you succeed—the moment you accomplish a difficult goal.  You make the winning catch, pay off credit debt, make someone smile under really difficult circumstances, finish a painting, step on the Champs Du Lycee, skinny dip in crystal blue water for the first time, take the plunge on a roller coaster, face and conquer a fear.  An audience smiling back at you, admiring and enjoying all the work you did for the performance.  Negotiating and knowing you have the upper hand and all you have to do is sit back and do nothing.  When someone really important or whom you respects notices you and how good you are.

All creations by you.  All different.  We all have different things that make us high with passion.  That is the fruit, the heart of what will make you a success.  The elixir that will juice your life into living fully.  A connection that you’ll want to make and keep making.

Go out there, identify what makes you glow and GET HIGH.

Love, Goddess

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