What We Should and Shouldn’t Do-Yawn

Picture of Don Johnson from Miami Vice Fans:   http://miamivicefans.com/don-johnson-after-miami-vice/

Can you look this man in the face and call him on his crap?  How about date and flirt with other men?  While you have him as a lover?  How about meeting a man much less attractive, 20 years older and prefer the less attractive man?  Or should we just be happy to have a handsome man as a lover?  We shouldn’t keep our options open, right?  We wouldn’t want to look slutty or anything.  Doing what we should do all the time bores me.  When people ask nosy questions, how about giving a vague answer back?  And that’s it.  They’ll get the message.  If not, you can always excuse yourself.  When you are clear and confident about what you want it’s amazing how many of “society’s rules” you can break.  Your happiness and wants matter.  You follow your own rules, communicate them and aren’t a Drama Queen wrecking emotional havoc wherever you go.  That’s a Drama Queens’ MO:  “shoulding” all over the place.

One of the biggest ways we “shoulda” all over the place seems to be with men.  This article is for advanced Bitches.  Keeping your options open, calling men on their crap and enjoying every man you meet is not an easy place to get to.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m there myself!  This morning I realized I was, thankfully, in Advanced Bitch mode.

It’s 7:00 am.  I’m enjoying the last of my coffee and yummy breakfast.  I’m channel surfing and land on the Biography Channel.  The subject:  Don Johnson.  My mouth drops.  My lover could be Don Johnson’s twin.  Notice I say lover.  NOT boyfriend.  I’m not sure I want a boyfriend right now and if a man changes my mind, well…still I’m not sure.  But a Bitch has her needs.  (Sassy smile)  I was a little taken aback from the realization I had Don Johnson as a lover.  Did it make me want him more?  No.  In fact, I’ve been broadening my horizons.  I’ve called my lover on his crap and he has responded beautifully.  He’s smart, too.  So what’s the deal?  What I want more than I want a boyfriend—-is to PLAY!!  I would love to meet a playful man, I thought as I was driving to my eye doctor appointment.

Ask…and ye shall receive.

When I got to the office my medical assistant was a wonderful man to flirt with.  Someone who really responded to my flirtatious and playful ways!  He is much older than my Don Johnson lover.  I enjoyed him in a different way, of course, but I still enjoyed him.  It reinforced how much I wanted to play play play with different men.  Does that mean I’m going to bed every one?  Hell no.  Does that mean I’m going to tie myself down to one?  Hell no.  I’m going to keep my confidence sky high, tell men what I want, call them on their crap when necessary, watch how they respond and relish not being tied down.  How ’bout it Bitches?  Does that sound like fun to you?  You have to be ready.

  1. Take care of yourself.  As a result, you know what you have to do to get to fabulous and accept nothing less:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/06/when-do-you-feel-most-beautiful/
  2. Create your life rules.  Know what you want:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/07/command-respect/
  3. Flirt with everything that moves so you can call EVERY man on their crap:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2010/10/dealing-with-a-demanding-man/
  4. Go easy on yourself if you slip and fall in the “shoulda.”  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/01/so-you-had-a-bad-day/
  5. Play Play Play!  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/10/fun-playful-and-slightly-outrageous-things-to-do-this-weekend/

You have to be sure that this is the kind of thing you want to do.  You have to be glued to what you KNOW turns you on so that you know how to stop doing that which turns you off.  Start enjoying each man you meet.  Looks are not everything.  Looks are nice.  Nothing beats a man who makes me laugh and smile!  Or a man who says he will do something and then does it.  Or is courageous.  Or calls you on your crap after you call him on his.  Or warm, strong arms.  Or…be still my heart, blunt honesty.  What do you want, hottie?

Mmm…it’s getting warm in here.  The possibilities endless.  And not a “shoulda” in sight.

Love, Goddess

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