Who Controls You, Your Bitch or Your Brat?

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Who controls you, your Bitch or your Brat?  Do you see the wonder around you or do you choose to wallow in the dirt?  The Bitch sees the joy.  The Brat wallows.  We have both in us, hotties.  Here are the traits of the Joyful Bitch and the Drama Queen Brat:

The Bitch at Work:  Loves what she’s doing.  She feels fulfilled and enjoys each goal and aspiration met.  She doesn’t whine about a problem she solves the problem.

The Brat at Work:  Hates what she is doing, whines and bemoans her job and gets too involved with the Drama Queens and Kings at the office or wherever she hangs her career cap.

The Bitch at Home:  Whatever the size or limitations, has done everything she can to make her home her castle.  It’s clean, neat and organized.  (And she cuts herself slack if it’s not always perfect)  It’s full of things that make her comfortable: pictures, music, aromas, food and fond memories that make her smile.  She makes the most of what she has and is grateful for all she has produced.

The Brat at Home:  Looks at everything she has and laments the things she doesn’t have.  Nothing is ever good enough, pretty enough, expensive enough.  She cannot see the joy around her everyday because she chooses to see what she doesn’t have.

The Single Bitch:  Her life is full of friends, activities and passions that fulfill her.  She never “settles” in a relationship because “settling” is far worse than being single.

The Single Brat:  Laments she doesn’t have a man in her life, berates women who do and competes with other women over any guy in their orbit.  She doesn’t appreciate the freedom of being single.  It’s all about whining about not “finding the one,” “the perfect guy” and being “lonely.”

The Bitch in a Relationship:  Appreciates everything her man does for her.  She is always happy to see him and tells him so.  When he disrespects her she is polite but unemotional.  That puts the disrespect ball firmly in her court.  If he is a man he’ll be jumping through hoops to try and make things up to her.  If he’s a boy he’ll do various things like pout and try and blame it on her.  Which of course, won’t fly.

The Brat in a relationship:  Worries about “where things are going.”  She wonders when he will “pop” the marriage question and over analyzes everything a man does or says.  She gives up things she likes to do and pouts when he wants to have a beer with his buddies.  She calls and texts him constantly.  She allows disrespect from her man because she is afraid of losing him.  What she doesn’t understand is she has already lost him by these actions.

The Bitch has made a choice.  So has the Brat.  What is more fun…wallowing in what you don’t have or enjoying the hell out of what you do?  I’ve found that when I focus on the positive, more positive comes my way.  Yup.  I get down.  We all do.  That’s why I have a whole subject on this web site called “Drama Queen.”  It’s where we can acknowledge all the drama in our lives and then take steps to be done with it.  And have a little fun in the process!  Then we can get back to all the Bitchy Sassiness.  The only thing you can control in life is the positive attitude you put forth when bad happens.

So…what’s your choice, hot ones?  Love, Goddess

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12 thoughts on “Who Controls You, Your Bitch or Your Brat?

  1. unfortunately im a single brat right… i want to embrace my single bitch… Each and every one of these articles is empowering and impactful… please keep writing, you make a difference in someones life

  2. Congratulations, honey! Half the battle is noticing when you’re being a brat.
    I’m really proud of you acknowledging her. Go you! Love, Goddess

  3. Thank you for you blog. I av to stop being a brat and start becoming a bitch right this minute in my relationship.

  4. Hello Goddesspower, I’m in a relationship with this great guy. I use to be a bitch but now I am a brat in the relationship. He has changed awhole lot, he ignored me for a whole 5days while I continued being brat. After the 5th day of being ignored, I decided to ignore him too. I’m so glad I got to read your blog. You have changed my perception. How do I regain control of my bitchy side in my relationship? Thank you.

  5. You just accomplished a HUGE step! Knowing you’re in your Brat. Celebrate that brilliance on your part. Go you!
    Check out the men, fun and Bitch University sections on this site. Do the exercises. Then let me know how it goes for
    you. 😉 Love, Goddess

  6. Im so a BRAT in relationships!!!
    New year New Bitch!!!
    Hope i get this goin!!! Thanks for the stating the difference and I will try to work on it!!

  7. Thanks for enjoying the article, Alicia. And brilliant question. I wish I could become the Sass Fairy and “bob” the Brats in the head and make them transform into Sassy Bitch! That would be fun. But the journey to becoming a Bitch is so much more fun. It’s a mind set change. Keep reading on this site, read my book http://www.amazon.com/Bitch-Lifestyle-The-Manual-ebook/dp/B009Z5A9AC?tag=bitchlifes-20 or take one of my courses: http://bitchlifestyle.com/2012/07/your-re-awakening/ I’ll have my wand ready for you…to start to magic… Love, Goddess

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