Wild Kiss

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wild,wild kiss,
Whirling wild leaves image found at My Help Cometh http://lindaann23.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/blowing-leaves.jpg?w=510

This morning I had the most exhilarating and wild experience.

And all I did was go out for my morning run.  It was a glorious, overcast day.  A humid 69 degrees.  A humid 69 degrees on the first day of November.  Rain was lightly dropping from the sky providing refreshment for my work out.  And the yellow, red, gold and orange leaves.  Wildly swirling all around me.  Not one leaf touched me.  Which was good because the wind was so powerful it might have left a mark!  On the last leg of my run I was feeling so turned on. The wind had picked up even more and it was like I was running through a wild and angry storm.  Made slightly dangerous by all the Halloween items strewn at my feet. Dead witches brought down from the wind, ogres, zombies and twirling in the wind ominous Darth Vader.  I had a moment where I loved the danger of it all.  LOVED.  That was the precise moment that I was finally struck by a raging leaf…right on my waiting lips.

The perfect kiss.

In that moment of clarity I realized I was in the throes of wild love.  With myself.  With the moment.  Excited and wanting and craving more.  Adventure?  Yes!  Something lovingly dangerous?  Wild? Yes! The thought and the Universe winking at me made me even more excited.  For what was coming and for what I would soon be embracing…forever.  Each perfect moment.  With enthusiastic and very wild gratitude!

Now go have yours…Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Wild Kiss

  1. WONDERFUL! LOVE IT! I know that thrill exactly and on a regular basis because gratitude is the key! The more We practice being grateful for all the wonderful gifts We have in life, the more thrilling life is! Go, Diva!

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