Worried About a Guy

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I was out with a girlfriend the other night and I realized something.  I was feeling burdened by the people I didn’t seem to be helping with this website.  I get letters and comments every day from women who are letting men walk all over them.  I feel for them because they don’t have the confidence to deal with men.  I answer their questions as best as I can.  I don’t hear back from them because I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear.  I couldn’t instantly “fix” their man for them or get them to chase them with a few words.  I couldn’t get their guys to love them in a snap.  Love is not that simple.  You simply cannot get a man to chase you, love you, adore you.  It has to be his choice.  Just like it is YOUR choice of who you love.  We choose how we go about the day.  So if you’re reading this and you’re worried about some guy?  This is for you.  We’ve all been there.  Over thinking and worrying about men.  I’m telling you to take control by loving yourself and taking action!  Loving yourself and action are the keys to having a fulfilling life and relationship.  The key to everything is your confidence!

The Drama Queen when she likes a guy versus the Sassy Bitch in italics…

  1. The Drama Queen worries about when or if he will call her.   The Sassy Bitch occupies her mind with things she has control over.  Like maximizing her portfolio.
  2. The Drama Queen worries about everything she says to a guy.   The Sassy Bitch says what’s on her mind.  Having an opinion and not backing away = confidence.
  3. The Drama Queen wonders why a guy sends mixed messages.   The Sassy Bitch doesn’t have time to analyze mixed messages from men.  She likes the guy who knows what he wants.
  4. The Drama Queen considers loaning a guy money.   The Sassy Bitch can take care of herself and wants a man who can take care of himself!
  5. The Drama Queen worries about not having a date.   The Sassy Bitch flirts with everything that moves.  She focuses on the moment without expectations.
  6. The Drama Queen wants to marry a guy after the first date. He’s so cute!  The Sassy Bitch, even if she may really like a guy, takes her time and gets to know him.
  7. The Drama Queen falls in love over Facebook without ever having met him.  The Sassy Bitch knows that IM and a picture does not equal love.
  8. The Drama Queen gets upset when a guy she likes ignores her or flirts with other women.   The Sassy Bitch pays attention to those who pay attention to her.
  9. The Drama Queen doesn’t let herself heal after a bad break up.   The Sassy Bitch takes time off from dating and gets busy! 

Examples of how a Sassy Bitch uses her time instead of worrying, chasing, endlessly texting and over thinking about a guy:

  1. The Sassy Bitch gets rid of the negative energy by upping her work outs.
  2. The Sassy Bitch takes up a new hobby.  Skiing, crafting, cooking school, book club, wine club, etc.  She puts the focus on loving herself and fun things to light her up!
  3. The Sassy Bitch keeps her calendar full with friends, hobbies, and family activites so she has things to look forward to.  New places, new discoveries lead to new passions and meeting new and exciting people.  She also will cut herself some slack if she needs to stay home and have a good cry.
  4. If the Sassy Bitch needs to cry, she cries.  She lets it out.  She knows this is a healthy release.  So when she cries, she cries her heart out…really committing to that cry!  Then, so she doesn’t let it weigh her down or fall into a pity party, she gets busy living.  Unless of course she needs a pity party:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2009/09/turn-worry-into-fun/
“How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.”  Anais Nin

So dig in, hotties.  Get out there and create the world you want!  When you are happy, loving yourself and your world…it’s going to attract those who want to be a part of your life.  They are attracted to you because you have the confidence to go for it.  You go for your passions, express your opinions without apology and are truly happy and satisfied with your world!  xoxo  Love, Goddess

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  1. Thanks so much for enjoying the blog…love that you are still part of our Bitch Rebellion! (warm hug) Love, Goddess

  2. wow thanks becaues the last few days i have been The Drama Queen but not no more and its never too late to be The Sassy Bitch lol

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