Your Celebration Song

Pink Celebration by *EmmaLoffler

What song do you have to celebrate success?  To inspire you, motivate you when you’re down and to really shake your ass to when you’ve made it?!  If you don’t have one, isn’t it about time?  😉  Take the time to celebrate you and what you accomplish.  Be grateful!  No shame hottie!  And to those who are jealous, mock your success or otherwise make you feel bad for achieving?  We all know what that is, right?  They are trying to take away our luscious, hot power.  Their fear is keeping them back and they can’t see how their own issues are holding them back.  Don’t make their problem your problem.  Throw them a warm, sassy smile and sincerely wish them wonderful success too.  They can’t take our power because we are bringing Sassy back:

Here are some ideas and links to get those celebratory juices flowing:

  1. The Theme from Rocky
  2. We Are The Champions, Queen
  3. Get The Party Started, Pink
  4. Fergalicious, Fergie
  5. Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!  Cure
  6. Let’s Go Crazy, Prince
  7. Dancing in the Streets, Van Halen
  8. Gonna Make You Sweat, C & C Music Factory
  9. It’s Raining Men, The Weather Girls
  10. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Love and a big booty shakin’ whoo hoo to our next celebration!


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