Your Re-Awakening!

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Hi Goddess!

I need help with a guy!  Can I tell you about a problem I’m having with him?

I so want to help you with this guy.  Would it surprise you that I could give one **** about this guy?  What I care about is YOU.  How to get you all Sassy and Happy and knowing exactly what you want so you can stay grounded when you meet a man who makes your heart go aflutter.

How do you get so sassy that you can tell a guy what you want and kick the jerks to the curb?

With me.  Right here and right now.  My Private Coaching program is a three-week course that will help you up your sass and enjoy being single or serious.  Or somewhere in between.  Or, if you have the energy, enjoy a stable of hot men.  Your choice.   I’ll give you techniques you can put to use right away to help you deal with common problems with guys and in life.

What you will learn:

  • Techniques to help you get rid of the edgy energy that makes it easy for men to push your emotional buttons.
  • How to spot the good men and the bad ones.
  • Do you know the signs that he is not seriously pursuing you?
  • Do you know the signs that he IS seriously pursuing you?

What you will have at the end of the course:

  • Email references full of fun and actions to take to help you deal effectively with potential love or heartache.
  • A better understanding of men and how they tick.
  • Homework designed to help you continue into your Sassy Confidence after the completion of the course.

A few of the topics we will discuss.  Sassy Bitch Keys that help you stay grounded in dating:

  • How staying grounded in what makes you glow will make him take notice of you.
  • What can you do instead of waiting for texts, calls and responses from him.
  • Why becoming really focused on YOU and what you want is not conceited or egotistical.  It’s everything!

What is included in the program:

  • Three weeks of live – via teleconference – phone sessions with me.
  • Motivating and empowering homework, tips, tools and inspiration to help you rediscover or re-awaken your Sassy, Confident Bitch.
  • Email support from me for questions that come up during the course.

The price of my 3 week Private Coaching programs are $350.00.  Email me at  and we will get started!


“The first tool you gave me has really changed the way I deal with men.  It has helped me so much in letting a man chase me.”  Nicole

“Thank you so much for this program.  I can’t believe how much better I felt after your program.  I am gaining clarity like I’ve never had before!”  Caria

“Wow…we had such a great conversation about anger and the tools you gave me to deal with it have made me so much lighter.  Thanks so much.”  Ellen

“I didn’t realize how angry I was with men!  Feeling much better and so much sassier!”  Jackie

 Love, Goddess

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4 thoughts on “Your Re-Awakening!

  1. Hi I’m 25 years old n every guy I talk to even as a friend n there older guys n they get on my nerves n they always ask me for money I did it once or twice n I got used n I’m sick of it n when I say no I end up feeling terrible like I’m the bad guy here

  2. Hi Priscilla…
    Please don’t feel bad about yourself. These guys are probably very good at making someone feel this way so they can get what they want…your money! The next time this happens think of this: It’s sad that this person needs to ask people they don’t know very well for money.” Then politely tell them that you don’t have any extra money and wish them the best. End the conversation and go do something fantastic for yourself! Love, Goddess

  3. i met this guy. we dated for two months. he apparently belongs to a well off family. he asked me for money. i was so infatuated that i gave it without even thinking for a minute. and then he started drifting away . i could see where our relationship was going. he never returned it and after a month we broke up ( he broke up ). never returned it. desite that i kept begging him to stay. and he shut all doors on me. I dont know how people can do this and sleep at night.. 🙁

  4. I know what you mean Anna. There is a part of us…the GOOD in us that cannot believe others can be so awful. But…by sharing your story here? We all wake up a bit: To make each other stronger so we will not allow someone to treat us so badly. Thank you! Love, Goddess

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