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You’re Not Alone Anymore

“You’re not alone anymore.  You don’t have to do this alone.  I’m here for you.”

Words that we really want to hear and trust.  We want to believe and take comfort in these words.  Most of the time it’s bullshit.  And that’s okay.  I know it.  (insert sassy smile)  Person is just trying to be nice. 

Well, you know what?  Not impressed.  I’m talking about the people trying to be too nice.  I don’t want too nice.  People that are too nice have no balls.  And they are loaded and I mean LOADED with fear.  They say all the right things to keep all their ducks in a row and work every angle to keep things on an even keel.  For them.  This may sound a little cold, but I don’t have time for this.  I hear what they have to say and then let them prove it.  That they’ll be there.   Remember the old cliche’:  Talk is cheap.  I can only truly put my trust in the people that say that they are going to be there and then actually do it.   Watching and appreciating action versus words have saved me so much pain the last few years.   And we’ve all experienced that kind of pain, haven’t we?  People saying that they are going to be there.  And then disappear. 

Words mean absolutely nothing unless they have action to back them up.  I want a person to back up their words with action.  Because I want people in my life that will fight for me like I fight for them.  We deserve nothing less, Bitches!  What do I have control over?  Me.  What do you have control over?  YOU.  Going for what we want, making sure it happens and not caring who gets credit.  And kickboxing.  😉 Kickboxing is a way for me, anyway, to focus on the decisions to be made and getting rid of the frustration of people being too nice.

This is me reaffirming to myself to do what needs to be done.  And for YOU when you get this in your life.  When you really like someone and you hear those words “You’re not alone anymore.  I’m here for you.”  Enjoy the thought, but keep in mind they are just pretty words until they have action to back them up.  And when those words transform into encouraging hugs, cheers when you do well and smiles?  They become bliss and a soothing, loving and warm safety net. 

If a person says these words to you and then doesn’t produce the action, don’t sink into Drama Queen.  It’s so easy to sink into the Drama Queen when this happens.  The worry, doubts, the whys.  This is fear.   Fear, doubt and worry can lead you to trying to get attention and keep it by chasing someone.  If someone truly cares, there won’t be a chase.  We slay fear here by staying grounded with the people that have proven over time that they care and will be there.  When Drama Queen starts to reel her bratty tiara we call girlfriends or do something that makes us feel good.  We ACT.  We have the power to change the inaction of someone else into pleasurable action.  Our action.  By giving ourselves the love and respect we send out to the world.  Kinda cool, huh?

And remember…I am always here for you if you need a cyber hug or sassy tickle to get you back in the groove.  Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies



2 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone Anymore

  1. I used to over commit myself to things because I wanted to be there for people TOO much. Now, I am more quick to say to myself, “I know you WANT to, but CAN you and do you NEED to?” Some people really just need to figure out things on their own. I am working on stopping to make myself think about the imporatance of the situation. I have been slowly backing off doing things for other people and focusing on what I really need to do for myself instead of ptting everyone eles’ needs first. It’s still hard to tell myself “no”, but I am getting there. Learning to balance is my main focus.

  2. This is so beautiful, Jacklyn. Learning to say “no” is such a difficult thing to do. Sounds like you’re mastering the art of when, where and how. Huge hug to you, Love, Goddess

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