You’ve Been Sassed!

Please…please try and pull something over on me…***

Sign you’re a Sassy Bitch:  You absolutely relish calling people on their crap in a calm and unemotional way.  True Bitches know why.

And it is so fun.  It goes like this:

  1. Someone screws you or does something that doesn’t fly with you.
  2. You call them on it.  Politely.  Calmly and in a bottom line type way.  And it feels soooo good.

Why are you able to do this?  Because you have noticed and taken note of someones’ actions and let them hang themselves on their own rope.  You know why I tell you to watch Judge Judy?  Because that Sassy Bitch does it all the time.   She reads the statements by the complainant and defendant.   You do not want to be the one she talks to the most.  She has found the “gotcha” in their statement and like a brilliant lawyer in her groove, is settin’ em’ up for the fall.  Yeah…she gets mean.  Yeah…she yells at them. That’s her schtick.  Think of how much power you have when you learn how to do this in a calm and bottom line type of way.  Looking them straight in the eye.  This is power.  This scares a lot of people.  It’ll scare them right out of your life or into not wanting to be called on their crap again.  Because, like they are “a scared.”  Sassy Wink.   I’d much rather be a Scary In Control Bitch than a doormat.  And YOU?

So get in there and work your assignments, Sassy Bitch!

  1. Listen to a persons’ words with a healthy dose of skepticism.
  2. Watch their actions.  Do they produce?  Do they back up their words with action?  Beware statements like “I should be there.”  “Should” implies a huge probability of a no show or tardiness.  This should be noted by you!
  3. If they don’t back up their words with action, take notes.  Watch how people like Judge Judy set people up with their own words:
  4. Listen and practice practice practice!

This takes time to learn and do.  That’s what you do at Bitch University.  Learn and do.  Mistakes are always a step in the right direction.  As long as you see the mistake, make conscious steps to learn from and correct them, and keep on keeping on.  Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

*** Gorgeous picture of Lauren Bacall from the FAB web site  Let Them Eat Cup Cake:

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